• hi!! i saw you were hunting for a diego brando sas, are you still trying to pick one up?
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    Happy Belated Birthday!!!!
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    Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
    Happy Birthday!
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    concfhace 3 años#19319490Mhhh seinen in general (like gantz, dorohedoro, ajin, real...) also fma, re:zero, gintama, yowapedal, yoi,psycho pass and gay stuff hahahaha
    and you?

    Cool, I like seinen too--Gantz manga is one of my favourites! School-Live is probably another, though it's kind of a mixture of Seinen/Horror/Cute Girls. I'm also really into shounen (YGO, Saint Seiya), horror (Shiki)...and game animes in general like Kaiji. I've got an anilist if you wanna share: anilist.co/user...
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    concfhace 3 años#18873565Nice to meet you! Lets be friends <3

    Hello! Sure, haha. What anime are you into?
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    concfhace 3 años#19129567I'm fine! Thank you! With my two cats drawing :)
    I've really liked your review of ciel! I decided to buy it <3 I'm not a fan of kurohitsuji but Yana Toboso's art and clothe design is amazing

    Wow really?? I hope you like him when you receive him! :3
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    concfhace 3 años#18958986How are you?
    Hahahaha I know!!!! That's why I chose you (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

    Nice. xD I'm good! Hope you're doing well!
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    Thank you for fr :) Have a nice day!
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    concfhace 3 años#18958919Thank you for accepting me :)
    How are you?

    Good! I just got a new phone and some new figures in. How are you?
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    Thanks for the friend request. It's so funny that you have a picture of Vincent because I just started watching Ergo Proxy last week, after years of putting it off. I haven't finished it yet, I believe I'm on episode 16 or so, and I'm kind of having mixed feelings about the show over all. It's certainly one of those shows where I'll need to see the whole thing before I can form a concrete opinion. Anyway I was telling a friend about it and my reaction to Vincent as the show progressed...

    Me: *first few episodes* This Vincent character is kind of blah...
    Me: *five episodes later* Ugh, why is this guy so f****** annoying and depressing! Well he's kind of cute with his hair down and eyes open.
    Me: *five more episodes later* OMFG!!!! Why can't I stop fantasizing about Vincent. xDDD

    He can still be annoying and depressing to watch, but much like Shinji from NGE, he does have a weird endearing quality about him. And when he's not talking he's kind of hot. xD
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