• Hello i saw your post even though its a year old. I was wondering if you had miu 1.1 still?
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    Sveva91hace 4 años#7381417Bellissima collezione, complimenti! (È sempre bello trovare un'Asukafag u_u)
    Complimenti anche a te per la tua <3
    (verissimo, anche se sono molto lontana dalla tua bella collezione di Asuke <33)
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    Sveva91hace 4 años#7379146Ciao! Grazie per aver accettato la richiesta :3
    Grazie a te per la richiesta :)
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    kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
    Sveva91hace 4 años#4998281Hi! I saw you have the Homura Ear Cuff by Bandai. I konow preorder is already closed and that the items is rare now, but did you know where i can find one? Where did you order it? Thank you very much!!Hi there! Unfortunately I don't know where to pick it up now, however I ordered the first release from the P-Bandai shop when the cuff first came up there.
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    Hi! I live in china so I preordered them on Chinese online shop.^_^ Sorry for replying late cause I failed to open this website the other day.Sveva91hace 4 años#4604654Hi! I was wondering where did you preorder Madoka and Homura Figures. Thanks!
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    Sveva91hace 4 años#4604668Hi! I was wondering where did you preorder Madoka Figure. Thanks!

    I ordered from a local shop, but they do ship internationally.
    But you have to contact them first (everything's on the site), because the madoka figures (the banpresto ones, I assume) are still not on their online store. Try messaging them on facebook with the links of madoka figures. Better yet, you could find a picture of the product on their recent photos in their facebook account. Then just ask how you could order. Good luck!
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    If you are interested come back pass that message q passed me ^^

    Yup, it the same discoloration.
    Same thing happen to my Fourze figure.
    I'm not saying you should give this method a try, but try putting the figure in direct color.
    The color will turn white again, it's probably the dye they used.

    The answer I received from Medicom for my Fourze figure.

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    We don't know the cause of the color change but we have been reported the same thing.
    To get the suits back in white, please place the figure where you can have direct sun light and
    have the figure bathe sun. After one week or so, the figure should get back to white.
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    Thanks for the photos \o/
    yours is like mine hahaha
    really is a manufacturing error T^T
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    I contacted the Medicom toys but they can not change that already spend more than a year of the launch of her T^T
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    Sveva91hace 5 años#4131202Uh, no. It came in perfect conditions. What's the damage in yours?

    Arm came with color pink, not white
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/sanchetos1445480653.jpeg
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