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    Gabmag10 (hace 2 años) #6466531i mean i actually really like the levelling but its a lot to do so fast xD i want to be really good at pvp but so far im losing more than winning haha
    i ordered a ton of art books and osomatsu stuff...im so excited! i should have thought forward to me buying stuff from wonfes though...i'm not very smart haha
    i loooove the haikyuu stuff xD who is your favourite character btw? also yesssss im so going to put a dress on him xD he will be beautiful!

    yes me too the levelling isn't too bad since they give decent exp for each quest (THANK YOU) oh yeah i was trying to pvp with friends but we didn't know how to do it LOL and then i got into some battle with a random blade master and got scared and quit game because i didn't know how to exit omfg
    ART BOOKS AAAAAAAA I LOVE ART BOOKS WHICH ART BOOKS omg i saw osomatsu merch and there's so many things like hairbrushes toothbrushes etcetc i'm crying HAHA it's okay you can get the money back from working HURRAY
    my favourite is /drumrolls............. kageyama!! he's such a dumbass omg he makes me laugh because you think he's serious and all but he's just like hinata pls... wbu?
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    Gabmag10 (hace 2 años) #6443764He paid like $40 for the shirt >.> it is pretty amazing though hahaha
    i knoooow i still have 13 levels to do in a few days...rip...i'll try my hardest xD i'm a yun force master, i made my character really small and she's so cute xD i'll have to get a picture for you :DD you should show me yours toooooo
    omg i did like the same thing with the weapon upgrading, i got so confused hahaha
    i think the sites pretty easy to use but it gets sooo soo so expensive D: like huge amounts of money for small things :'( i agree with the money thing...i just ordered another 150 worth of stuff from surugaya so im super poor hahaha
    thats some of my favourite stuff...but there is so much more :')

    $40......... i guess it was worth it??? SO SHINY LOL
    i believe in you!! you have a better chance than me CRY okie dokie when i go on again i'll take a screenshot for you yaayay the clothes on the gon race are really weird though so yeah...
    THE TEMPTATION IS SO HARD TO RESIST AUAGH OTL do i want to satisfy my wants or do i hoard the money HAHA CRYING WHAAATT $150 rip wallet.. if you manage to get anything from wonfes let me know please!
    oooh so many things i hope you can display them all somewhere!! ALSO IT HAD THE HAIKYUU BOOK AAAA and that little hinata figure is so cute....... i started laughing when i saw the kuroko hanger omg YOU COULD POTENTIALLY MAKE HIM WEAR A DRESS HAHA
    hace 2 años
    I am so, so, so sorry for the late response! Some messy stuff happened with work and the week got stressful. It's all good now though.

    I plan to get a Vita sometime this year, and you can bet P4 Golden will be one of the first things I buy for it :3
    The Abyss anime was good, but like a lot of game anime, it felt like it was mostly aimed at fans of the game and I was 'missing' something. I now have a copy of the game on its way, so I'll be able to play it soon.

    If you've got family members who have Okami, would they be willing to let you try it? That how I played P3, a friend of mine has it and we played it whenever I came over.

    The upside of being busy this week is that it made the wait for WonFes easier, I guess xD
    All the teasers have got me so hyped! I hope I can stay in the WHL4U livestream during the Orange Rouge part, I usually get kicked out after a while because of premium restrictions.
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    Gabmag10 (hace 2 años) #6443545thats ben on the left...hes my cousin, and he is so distracting xD he loves that shirt, it's so funny
    theres so much stuff in there, i'll get it all out soon xD
    im only like level 32, im trying to get to max level before the new patch on the 10th of feb
    ALSO YES WONFES!!! im so excited......!!!! especially since a new picture game out of the 18+ aoba and it shows he's been painted :DDD i cant wait to see more pictures!!!
    i'll also be stalking yahoo japan auctions to try and pick some stuff up from wonfes xD

    yeah i love that shirt too it's so beautiful HAHAH yes take your time! or just show the stuff you like so it's less of a hassle :D
    LEVEL 32... IS PRETTY HIGH YOU KNOW HAHA damn what 10th of feb is so soon.. and i'm still lvl 19.. haha /sweats oh yeah i forgot to mention i am a gon destroyer! at first i was wondering why i was so weak and then i realised i didn't upgrade my weapon RIP
    YAYY CONGRATULATIONS!! i'm excited for all the prototypes that will be released yayaya i wish i could do that.. but idk how to use the site and ALSO... MONEY -_-
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    Gabmag10 (hace 2 años) #6443041oh my gosh im so sorry DDDD: i never saw this message! here's a picture of the size of the box....i'll have to take another one of the contents xD (you also get to see my cousins and friends...whoops) imgur.com/1xlKJ...
    it looks way bigger in person...two people had to lift it, it was so heavy!!
    awwwwh what level are you up to in blade and soul??? if only we were on the same server D:

    IT'S OKAY!! wow damn that box is pretty big can't wait to see what's inside ~ haha it already looks pretty huge in pictures!! your friend on the left is very distracting i must say LOL
    i am currently.. nooby level HAHAHA uhhh level 19 i think?? yeah sadly we're not TAT my friends were like PLEASE CHOOSE THE OLD MAN SERVER so here i am
    hace 2 años
    Gabmag10 (hace 2 años) #6325822my massive box of things finally came, it was huge!!!! it had to be lifted by two people D: but it was really fun unboxing everything! I just wish i had more coming :'(
    waaaaAAH EXCITING!! show me some pics! it's okay you will have more coming with the nendos you recently ordered HURRAAYYY
    also i'm finally home so i can catch up on anime and i started blade and soul yesterday but i'm on the old man server...
    hace 2 años
    Gabmag10 (hace 2 años) #6279056yessssss i'll have to download the first episode so i remember it forever xD i am looking forward to what they'll do for a new first episode though hahaha
    im just going to have to order himmmm, hes so greattt, i love his little phone <3 <3

    yes please do i'm watching it through downloading torrents so it will be immortalised in my laptop now HA HA
    hurray for haikyuu!!!! i love his embarrassed expression omggg it's so cute wtf kenma akjsdhkasjd but i don't think i'll get him... yet..
    hace 2 años
    Gabmag10 (hace 2 años) #6137719I'll definitely buy them! I still haven't picked up Kageyama and Hinata so I'll probably grab them at the same time :D I'm hoping for some more pics at wonfest next month :D
    welp there's heaps of kenma pictures now xDD now to wait for tsukki~
    which kagehina set are you getting?
    hace 2 años
    It's awesome that P5 is getting an anime so soon. I'm only 5 episodes in to P4, and I'm loving it so far. I'd heard a lot about how the Persona series does a good job with character development, and that every character isn't as simple as they seem, and I can see why it gets so much praise in that department. I've been spoiled for who the murderer is, but I'm still totally hooked despite that.

    There's just so many games in the Tales series, I don't know where to start. I've seen the anime of Abyss, so if I can't get Zestiria sometime soon, that'll probably be the first one I try.

    Yup, definitely. It's a lot of fun, the graphics and art style are beautiful, and all the cultural and Shinto-related parts of the game are really interesting. The one thing I didn't like is that it's easy to get lost and not be sure what you're meant to do next, I had to look up walkthroughs a couple of times to be sure. I think the PS3 version is on sale on the PSN right now if you want to check it out.
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    Gabmag10 (hace 2 años) #6254841Yesssssssssss apparently the copyright hit them bad D: its too bad that episode wont get a dvd release, it was great!!!!
    ahurhruhg i want to go buy himmmmm, i wish he was coming out the same month as my other orders.....maybe i should just do it D:

    NOOOO damn... well at least we will forever have the first ep on the internet haha i wonder what they'll do for the new first ep..
    DO WAHT YOU MUST DO if your heart is telling you yes.. kenma.. then go buy him!!!! all my orders are coming out in different months... TAT i wish i could combine them but aaaaaaa
    hace 2 años
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