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    rumichuu (hace 3 años) #3067788OMG congratulations!!! so glad you were able to get makoto :D i hope we find haru too ><
    yes i play touran, tsurumaru is such a cute dork :3 i have most of the swords except for the new ones coz i haven't played recently... (busy with uni). how about you?
    and no i didn't get jiji's plushie :( saving for japan and i've spent too much already OTL
    my haikyuu otp is kuroken and i fangirl about them way too much hahaha. i also like kagehina, iwaoi, bokuaka, daisuga, tsukiyama...most of the main ships.
    yes having so many otps really drains your wallet ._.

    I play touran since around 2 months ago, but still no kogi and hotarumaru :"")
    they're nowhere to be found *sincerely grinding 5-3 hundred times and smithing various recipe everyday* I swear if they finally come home I'm gonna make them cleaning horse poop everyday even the status if already max *evil grind*
    i'm kinda busy with my uni life too but luckily this semester will end in few days, a little bit more until holiday :") hbu?

    are u planning to go to Japan? that's awesome! ^^
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    rumichuu (hace 3 años) #3066717that's crazy i could buy a bunch of kujis and figures with 20000 yen LOL
    yeah it's strange why there's a sudden limited re-release from sunrise. why not just re-release in all stores? it's obviously selling well if makoto and haru sold out that fast. i would buy double on amiami haha!
    its okay i love discussing otps and characters :) i'm a multishipper so i can ship most pairings and talk about them however ^^ for free! my otp is rinharu/harurin though i will also ship sousuke/haru/rin/makoto/kisumi in any combination~ makoharu is mainly my brotp though, favourite character is rin but i love haru/makoto/sousuke too! (okay i just love everyone).
    touran my otp is mitsukuri and kogimika, favourite character is ookurikara. also like nakigitsune,taroutachi, kiyomitsu, kogitsune, mikazuki, mitsutada, tsurumaru, izumi...lol
    how about your otps and fave chars? for haikyuu as well ^^

    I GOT MY MAKO PLUSH!! *SCREAMMM* XD *sorry I'm just too happy right now and want to tell you*
    I got him from my facebook friend which is a local seller around 50$ or 5000yen (include EMS shipping etc) there's only mako and no haru.. but getting mako is already more than enough XD I'm gonna search for haru later~
    my favorite char in free is haru and makoto(okay I love haru a little bit more),and fav otp is makoharu ^^ I ship SouRin too since they're too adorable <3

    do you play touran as well? did you buy this jiji plush ITEM #287775 ? my most fav char is tsurumaru (you may already know by my profile pic), but for otp is kogimika.. for haikyuu I ship KageHina the most ^^ and sometimes TsukiYama~ how bout u?
    *too much otps can make me go broke I know orz
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    rumichuu (hace 3 años) #3065725oh no i'll let you know if i see them anywhere for cheap :(
    yes i hope they restock, i think the aftermarket prices are too unreasonable. sadly i saw a lot of people buy multiples to sell to people for triple!

    thankyou~ please tell me if you see them :) yeah i know there's lot of people like that..but strangely this plush price in yahoo auction is still around 20000 yen and didnt go down at all? and there's no official information about this getting re-release from the website..

    btw who is your fav otp/characters in free and touran? *just curious lol* XD
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    rumichuu (hace 4 años) #2179474i'll be sure to read the review :)
    i love reading/watching hauls.
    okay it took me like an hour to get him and mikasa posed together on one d:stage, at one point his entire leg fell out of the joint and his 3dmg kept coming off. his back peg was giving me problems i had to really SHOVE the damn thing in. but overall it was pretty much like how any complex figma was :P
    btw do you have any otps?

    I will link it when I actually write it! I'm way to lazy haha

    Ohh really? Same.. Though he was hard I've spent longer on other figmas :)

    Ps. Sorry about late reply! Didn't even see this in my emails :(
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    rumichuu (hace 4 años) #2179284woah lots of nendoroids :D
    i used to love k-on! loved the music <3 actually bought a guitar because of it LOL. that didn't work well.
    eren just arrived and he's so cute omg...

    yea i really enjoyed it :D
    i watched it in like a day!
    I got the nendoroids yesturday :D AHH THEY ARE SO CUTE!
    i'm gonna post a review on mfc today/tomorrow because they were pre owned ami ami and i thought it might be helpful :D

    I know isn't he? did you find him alright to put together? People keep telling me he was hard but i didn't have a problem? I dont know if it was because i got second release or what...
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    rumichuu (hace 4 años) #2176444for the month of may the only things i got was eren figma, haru and makoto wall scroll thing, and a madoka nendoroid for a friend's birthday. june is just levi figma and a mini table and chair set for my snk figmas to chill out on. i'm trying to order very little for the next 3 months in preparation for september's huge haul of boys, and the boys to come especially ITEM #116883. but march/april though was so damn expensive, especially all the impulse buys from pre-owned, i actually regret some buys. dat amiami pre-owned is the devil i tell you -_-
    did you get anything for may? what are you planning for june :P
    and yeah i know how you feel. finding someone to cosplay properly with is like finding that $2 coin you dropping in the sewer. this is probably the last time i can find someone to cosplay with and it only worked out because we both wanted to impress reika arikawa. she's japan's crossplay king i tell you.

    Oh awesome! I also got the Eren figma last week :) and I got some k-on nendoroids all 5 of the band and tohka (from date a live) figure and an Alice nendoroid and they are in the mail :)
    They should be here this week :)

    Oh haha! Yea :( damn. Take photos of your next cosplay :)
    hace 4 años
    rumichuu (hace 4 años) #2173984omg yeah those are adorable :3
    the question is, will you regret not buying them? i have this conversation with myself all the time ahaha...
    i would get a 3ds if i wasn't already saving for a ps4. saving isn't going too well with all these amazing new figures OTL and cosplay. have to pause cosplay after SMASH 2014. do you cosplay?

    i also have that convo with myself :P haha
    Did you get any figures the last month? :)
    Im excited because now its the start of the month and i can build up my amiami loot once again hahaha >__<

    Yea im having the same problem, i've just realized the cuteness of nendoroids and the awesomeness of amiami pre owned and now.. well it's becoming a problem haha

    No i don't... only because only for 2 reasons...
    1. I'd rather do it with someone else aswell
    2. If i do cosplay, i want to do it right, no crappy costumes or wigs or anything
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    rumichuu (hace 4 años) #2170301ahhh sorry late on this ><
    i heard ruby and sapphire remakes are being released! that was my absolute favourite generation right beside the original. really really considering getting that 3ds...
    that asuna figure looks amazing! if i watch it now i'll probably end up POing it as well. the show had the most adorable pentaiko figures made i was so tempted. when and why did you start collecting? uwu

    Get one :)
    they are awesome!
    haha, i have a poster of her in that position.. so i thought it was cool :D
    YESSS, they bought out these www.amiami.com/... little figures for pre order not to long ago, im debating if i want them or not. Because i find getting any little sao figures after release is hard and cost more
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    rumichuu (hace 4 años) #2162428yes! pokemon is a classic :) did you play the games? i stopped at black/white. really want to play the new ones but i don't have a 3ds ...
    i think i'm the only one that hasn't finished SAO LOL i'll get to that. but i'm afraid that i'll end up splurging on figures afterwards.

    Yea I did, not so much as a kid but more when I was a teenager! I've played the new one on 3ds too and I loved it :)
    Haha it's good :) gotta do it before the new season comes out!
    After I watched it I splurged on $160 on the two figmas hahaha. And I'm also planning to preorder a new asuna figure ITEM #166904
    hace 4 años
    rumichuu (hace 4 años) #2158991i read manga more often than watch anime ^^
    but i'm into fairy tail, one piece and naruto as well :)
    currently following mekakucity actors, donten ni warau, noragami, mahouka koukou no rettousei, liar game, and a list of anime i'm watching after exams (ugh). 2014 eagerly waiting for durarara/free!/psycho-pass season 2, dramatical murder anime, sailor moon and kuroshitsuji reboots. a lot is going on this year!
    as for all time favourite anime, i don't have one because i change my obsessions all the time. i've been watching/reading naruto since primary school though so maybe that, but i also love steins;gate A LOT. and i change my favourite characters on a yearly basis lol i'm like an unfaithful dog. this year it's levi, yato, gray, law. law replaced ace after...yeah let's not talk about that incident. law has been getting loads of exposure this arc :D
    what about your favourites? :P

    yay! They were the first animes i ever got exposed to really, other then when i watched sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi and pokemon when i was a kid/teenager... but i didnt really know it was anime lol

    My favourites change soo much.. depending on what i watch.. i'm always chopping and changing what i like..but i'm loveing fairy tail to death at the moment- so definitley Erza and Grey and Wendy is so cute ^_^
    and i will always love Asuna from SAO and Tohka from Date a live
    Haven't really stopped loving those 2!
    hace 4 años
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