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    Haha, it's fine, I always take a while to reply too. :3
    Well, good I guess. I worked a lot, but I really like my current job, so that's fine.
    Hace 9 meses
    broken-Toybox lump of laziness
    Thank you! (*^ω^*)
    How've you been?
    Hace 9 meses
    Heyaa just wanted to say that you really have an amazing collection of Gilgamesh! I envy you so much (;ω;) I recently became of fan of him so I don't have any merchs of him yet orz (tho I just ordered one yesterday lol)
    Hace 10 meses
    You are SO badass! You're like a figure journalist! Do you blog or tweet your hardcore work or do i just get to see it here & be amazed? You work so hard. Thank you so much!!! ALL THE THANK YOUS!! ...Sorry, your name goes hand in hand with exciting future stuff that i hadda gush. hahaha
    Hace 11 meses
    Hello there! I was just wondering where u got the Napoleon keychain from? Can you please let me know?
    hace 1 año
    Hiya! I'm still thinking about Sakura, so could I reserve her per say?

    It might be a few weeks/ up to a month til I buy, but I would still love to register my interest ~
    hace 1 año
    Hello again~! Thank your for fr, it’s very nice to meet you~! (●´ω`●)

    Your collection is very impressive and beautiful! (〃ω〃) Have you seen how cute CasGil looks here: anime.fate-go.j.... I’m dying
    hace 1 año
    go have a cuppa, take a step back and relax ♡

    take it easy ♡
    hace 1 año
    we're all here to support you! <3
    hace 1 año
    hey i just skimmed through your article, are you ok :< ?
    hace 1 año
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