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  • I was lurking through your profile and found out it was your birthday days ago. My birthday notifications seem broken for some reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Happy late birthday! Purposely chose a Youjo Senki picture because I see were both fans.
    hace 16 días
    Hey Maakie! I haven't got the time to sit down and respond to your message until now. I did however read your recent articles and enjoyed them all, especially the cosplay one!

    I honestly don't have that many memories of the episodes anyways since I watched the show at a very young age. I'm assuming at the age of 4. My most memorable memories are watching that show whenever getting ready to go to preschool. I do recall an episode where the guys get dizzy from the feathers of a peacock.

    Guilty as charged, I haven't watched that much in a while now. But my go to is always Mosogourmet and some Chef Ramsay clips. Oh yeah, those miniature cooking videos! I have seen a few Japanese ones before and they were fun to watch.

    Maybe it's not as bad as how I exaggerated. It just sucks when you're using it for a fried dish and there isn't that much oil left after using a lot of it. Vegetable oil is your cheapest cooking oil for about $3.

    No, but I have it on my watch list. Did you finish it yet and what's your opinion?

    I curiously was reading a Wikipedia page about the show and the part that interests me was the origins. When the creator ran over a duck, it relates to last week when my dad almost ran over a family of geese! We were on our way to work in the morning and there's these geese waddling on the side of the road. Luckily, they were safe. There were even some baby ones. I know this isn't really 100% related, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

    Speaking of European cartoons, have you ever seen the Moomins one? I think that one is also an anime.

    Saw your recent garage kit article which reminds me to share what I accumulated so far! I sadly didn't get to buy the Mami one because someone beat me to it. Maybe next time then! At least I got some of the grails I've wanted. http://u.cubeupload.com/AMS2000/20200616130647.jpg
    Forgot to include the Konata figure in the first photo. Planning to give this one to my sister as a Christmas present because it's her favorite Lucky Star character.
    Admittedly, I dropped her while taking the photo. Luckily, the package was in bubble wrap, (not seen) but it did hit the ground. The pieces seem fine though, as I checked. I hope so!
    hace 16 días
    Ik heb niet het idee dat de toetsen beter zijn dan normaal. Natuurlijk zijn ze nu online, maar voor mij blijven het toetsen ipv dat ze opdrachten worden. Nu even 2 weken volgepland met toetsen, help.

    Pff, ja ik snap dat alle online meetings op een gegeven moment best vermoeiend zijn. Ik kan mijn werk grotendeels op locatie doen, maar sinds kort ook thuis deels.

    Oh, ben je weer verhuist? Of is dat nog van de vorige keer? Haha
    (Of herinner ik het me verkeerd? Kan ook oeps)
    hace 19 días
    Death glares are awesome too! I've always admired that figure aesthetically. The clothing may be simple, but her legs and tail help define her, not to mention those killer eyes. Imagine if they failed to capture that in sculpt/paint...she'd probably look derpy as heck.

    Haha, I was always creeped out by ITEM #874704's face. The super wide grin doesn't help. xD

    Lol, rip. I think she still looks cute. If it were a figure with a darker theme, dead eyes wouldn't pass as easily. Although it's best if manufacturers just get whatever expression they want right in the first place tbh.
    hace 20 días
    darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
    Bedankt! Het is inderdaad tijd voor een loot post :)
    hace 22 días
    JustMoE モ–リス
    That's really hefty! We have those from time to time, as well, but I never had any of those issues you describe. Having them every day sounds especially exhausting though, no matter how long they take. Had there been so many face-to-face consultations in the past that "have" to be solved through these meetings now? Otherwise this new frequence sounds very weird indeed :s

    So our situations are very similar now. Everything's opening up, the official numbers are dropping - but we'll see. Rather stay safe than sorry later on, without kids there's no reason to take too many risks IMO.

    With countries like Spain etc opening up for tourism now, are you remaining pessimistic about your trip? The biggest risk seem to be the flights, since the airlines refuse to leave seats free. Eff safety, right?! Let's get 'dem $$$ :/

    We're both very lucky in that regard, having employers being lenient about it. Don't know about you, but I'd probably refuse to return to the "normal" status at the office at the moment - which certainly wouldn't be met with much enthusiasm^^

    If you're flexible enough to go during the less frequented times, then that sounds like the best possible tactic. That and wearing a mask, since - as you wrote - gloves don't seem to help much. Keep your hands out of your face, wash them afterwards - that seems to do the trick. But as you said, there's no real reason to risk anything when it's just for "entertainment" purposes and not because you actually need to buy stuff.

    Well, at least the connections seem to usually be inside the apartment in both countries. Over here, oftentimes there's no option to have a laundry machine inside the apartment at all and you have to share a washing room in the basement with 15 other parties. Don't know about you, but I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore since it grossed me out ;)

    Sounds weird at first if you're used to getting stuff delivered to your doorstep, but overall this doesn't sound too bad, right? Certainly better than being supposed to receive your package just for it to end up at the other end of town for no apparent reason :D

    With the way sports events are currently developing, everything opening up etc I wouldn't be surprised if you'll be able to visit the concert in 2021. Wehther you'll feel comfortable about it is a totally different story, of course. So, who is your favorite band? (sorry, music fanatic, have to ask;)

    Ah, so you've already planned your trip to St. Petersburgh! That's awesome, not to mention Tallinn, as well :)

    A co-worker of mine recently got tested for it and the results came back negative, despite all of us being certain he had Corona. From what I've read the results are not that reliable, but if the results end up being positive, you indeed had the virus. Not sure it's even remotely worth the hassle that way :/ Are you scared of severe effects in case you'd catch it, or "just" of contracting it in general?

    Thanks for the links, but GOOD GOD! That looks much more like a full-fledged store than a hobby room^^ Sure, there's a lot of Queen's Blade, but there's also a lot of everything else :D Jokes aside, it looks awesome, though :)

    Yeah, some people simply take it too far. But from what you describe, the overall selling experience sounds a lot more positive than negative :) Having a small, but deddicated collecting community that shows loyalty to good sellers certainly isn't a bad thing.

    Only fancy pictures... oh my, please don't check my uploaded pictures :P
    hace 24 días
    Hey Maakie! Another one that I really like is this one, which I'm currently looking for:

    Ngl, I feel that the death stare and dead eyes are sometimes interchangeable. Depending on how you look at things, there's either a lot of life in it or not. Either way, that Blue Eyes is both cute and menacing, I love it.
    hace 25 días
    I'll say. Strange time for a lot of things. I'm happy you were able to make the most out of it though :)
    hace 25 días
    Is ook zo.. Met mij is alles relatief oke. Schooldingen en toetsen zijn online though, dus dat is wel een beetje raar. Tussendoor ook nog werk, dus het is evengoed druk genoeg. :P
    Qua verzamelen.. Ik heb nu echt echt geen ruimte meer, dus ik ben voorlopig even gestopt met nieuwe dingetjes kopen.. Sad :(

    Hoe is het daar?
    hace 25 días
    Ook al 100 jaar niet meer gesproken natuurlijk ;P
    Hace 1 mes
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