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    So how exactly did you get into Yuri and what was the first official Yuri manga you've read?

    The first time I got into Yuri was when I was going through my Negima phase. I was totally in the KonoSetsu ship but at the time I still didn't know any of the terms like "Yuri" "Ship" or even fanbases for that matter. I just knew I liked the couple a lot.

    The first official Yuri/Shoujo ai manga that I've read was Girl Friend by Morinaga Milk (at the time that was the only Yuri manga available to read besides Gokujou Drops + few one-shots of Yuri Hime)

    I was on a manga reader site and was simply bored so I used the random button to pick me a manga to read out of their entire database and I got Girl Friends.
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    My best friend got me started to yuri when she suggested me to watch Sakura Trick . Now I'm addicted to yuri . Great .
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