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  • Mikaino
    MikainoGoing to Gencon!Regular Boarder • lv21
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    hace 5 años
    My PSN is Mikaino. I play on Vita, PS3, and PS4. My main games are Destiny (PS3 & 4), and Persona 4 Arena. ^^
    I play FFXIV!
    Faerie Server, Rieze Maxia.
  • talithacs
    talithacsRegular Boarder • lv12
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    hace 5 años
    My PSN ID is talithacs.

    I currently own both a Playstation 3 & a Vita at the moment. I'll most likely look into buying a Playstation 4 later next year.

    I play pretty much anything, though my favourites are RPGs and Fighters. Please feel free to add me if you'd like, but please include a message that you're from here as I don't accept blank requests thanks! c:
  • Lauriferous
    LauriferousRegular Boarder • lv7
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    hace 4 años
    PSN ID: Lauriferous

    I've got a PS3 and Vita. I don't really play online games, but I'm always looking to meet new friends. If anybody just wants to chill and talk about randomness feel free to add me.
  • missauru
    missauruRegular Boarder • lv10
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    hace 4 años
    PSN ID: missauru

    Please add MFC in the message if you add me, thanks :)
  • Cyamone
    CyamoneRegular Boarder • lv9
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    hace 4 años
  • DeathNyx
    DeathNyxI am Become Death...Regular Boarder • lv9
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    Hace 1 mes

    Feel free to add me if you want.
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