One PieceCharacters you want to see in the P.O.P Series

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    What characters are you desperate to see made into a figure in Megahouse's Portrait of Pirate series?

    Personally I think Nico Robin needs some more love, what I wouldn't give to see a POP release of her as 'Miss All-Sunday' in the Arabasta Arc. That would be so awesome. Or Thriller Bark.

  • Reddragon
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    I think and hope that next bikini POP will be Robin.

    Hmm Akainu, Kizaru, Kid and Buggy are my most wanted POP for now. + Doflamingo and Moria would be nice also just to complete the old Shichibukai.

    Even though i dont like all these limited ed. versions, Megahouse is doing a great job imo.
  • escape_rope
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    I vote for Kid and Buggy too! Especially Buggy.
    And maybe they should give us Luffy picture/156041&... as well xDD
  • PinkFoxx
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    ReddragonI think and hope that next bikini POP will be Robin.

    That would be awesome.

    I really hope they will one day get around to doing every One Piece character as a POP. There's just so many great characters out there. Maybe they'll even make a POP action series... Sanji's Diable Jambe? Tres Fluers Robin? I think so!

  • Weshzu
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    I want to see Arlong and Hacchan D:
  • Envy
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    double post is winning post.. sorry :P
  • Envy
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    ReddragonI think and hope that next bikini POP will be Robin.

    I'm also hoping for a Bikini version of Robin to be released that would be a definite buy. And at the top of my wish list is Doflamingo. And I ask where is the love for the other CP9 members? Like Kaku where is his POP figure? he was even more popular than Lucci in the Japanese manga polls and my favourite CP9 member and I wouldn't mind seeing Kalifa and Jabra get a POP release too. Other characters I would also like to see get a figure of they're own in the future are : Captain Hina, Eustass Kid, Jewelry Bonney, Killer, Lafitte, Doma, Momonga, Domino, Sadi-chan.
  • deluxemarimo
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    Law Timeskip version
    Caimie and Pappug
    Sengoku in his normal form and another figure with him in his devil fruit and another figure when he was in Strong world Episode 0
    And there's a ton more that I want to see but it'll end up as a long ass list.

    Well maybe I'll continue...

    Gecko Moria in Strong World Episode 0
    Donquixote Doflamingo Strong World Episode 0
    All the shichibukai that they haven't done yet
    Boa Hancock's sisters
    Caesar Clown
    Saldeath and Saldeath Timeskip
    Charlotte Linlin (big mam)
    Curly Dadan
    Don Krieg
    Emporio Ivankov
    The three princes from Ryugu Palace
    Victoria Cindry
    Peeply Lulu
    Nico Olvia
    Gold D. Roger
    Portgas D. Rouge
    Monkey D. Dragon
    Smoker Timeskip
    Tashigi Timeskip
    Bellemere in marine clothes
    All the whitebeard pirates that they haven't done yet
    All the blackbeard pirates (excluding Teach and Shiliew)
    All the new fishman pirates
    The Roger Pirates in Strong World Episode 0
    The Heart Pirates (excluding Law and Bepo)
    The Red Hair Pirates (excluding Shanks and Ben Beckman)
    All the Baroque Works members (excluding Robin and Crocodile)
    The sun pirates
    The usopp pirates (excluding Usopp)
    Luffy Timeskip in Punk Hazard wearing the jacket
    Chou Chou
    Well I guess that's all. I know that megahouse probably wouldn't be able to make figures for this much characters but it'd be awesome if they did. Those are all the characters I want to see in the P.O.P series.
  • annjoo
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    Pell the falcon from Alabasta! :D
    He's beautiful and has a nice mysterious aura, he would look very well if made correctly/like P.O.P usually does.

    And then also every One Piece character ever seen eheheh
    deluxemarimo's list is a good example ^^
  • clien2x
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    I Really want to see Megahouse create the new admirals. Especially Fujitora!
    It would be a great addition to the other Admirals POP. :D

    I hope Oda would reveal Ryokugyu and the Timeskip version of Akainu so that Megahouse could create them! :D
  • Jivesh1995
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    I'd love for a Barto and Robin-chwaaaaaan Dressrosa P.o.P.
  • RaveDarkness
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    I want Tashigi and Smoker from the New World. And also we need new Robin figures (Alabasta)
    Nami with the Alabasta Outfit and a Alvida figure.
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