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    Have you ever wondered if you need to tag your photo NSFW or SFW? This thread will try to answer that.

    The MFC FAQ
    For starters, please read the site rules regarding NSFW tagging, since those are the rules this club will be following. You can find the rules here: about/faq/#ref-...
    Specifically, the rules for NSFW tagging are listed as follows:

    Must be marked as NSFW any picture that contains:

    • Nudity;
    • Strategically covered nudity;
    • Sheer or see-through clothing;
    • Lewd or provocative poses;
    • Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches.

    Club adherence to NSFW rules
    If a photo includes any of those listed criteria, it is considered to be an NSFW picture regardless of whether it is properly tagged as NSFW. If you find photos containing those elements which are not tagged as NSFW, you can try contacting the owner or use the report function to help get them changed.

    Unfortunately, there are also numerous (way too many!) uploaded photos that get marked as NSFW that don't meet any of those criteria. This club will consider those types of photos to be SFW and thus not eligible for NSFW POTD even if the photo is mis-tagged as NSFW. We understand that the debate on NSFW vs SFW may be somewhat subjective and that not all users may agree on whether a particular image is SFW vs. NSFW. For this reason, the club follows the NSFW rules described on the MFC faq page mentioned above as the guidance for determining whether a photo is NSFW or not.

    Can you show us some examples?
    Definitely! Below are some example pictures from the MFC database to help illustrate NSFW vs SFW content per the MFC FAQ criteria. (More photos may be added in the future to provide additional examples.)

    Nudity: NSFW vs. SFW
    This is one of the simplest methods for determining if the photo is NSFW. A picture of a female figure that includes an exposed nipple, vagina, or anus would be an example of nudity. For male figures, an exposed penis or anus would be an example of nudity. If the photo doesn't feature those, it likely isn't nude (one notable exception is strategically covered nudity). This means that revealing garments (swimwear, underwear, etc) can allow significant areas of uncovered skin such as sides of the breasts, cleavage, underboob, or uncovered buttocks without being nude.

    Nudity example 1Hide nudity example 1Nudity example #1 PICTURE #598183

    Analysis: The figure is lifting her top. From this angle, her right nipple is visible.
    Verdict: NSFW

    Nudity example 2Hide nudity example 2Nudity example #2 PICTURE #1992916

    Analysis: The figure is not wearing underwear. From this angle her anus and vagina are visible.
    Verdict: NSFW

    Nudity example 3Hide nudity example 3Nudity example #3 PICTURE #1703729

    Analysis: This male figure's penis is visible.
    Verdict: NSFW

    Nudity example 4Hide nudity example 4Nudity example #4 PICTURE #229189

    Analysis: The figure is relatively uncovered, but the stone or crystalline material of her outfit covers her nipples and crotch.
    Verdict: SFW

    Nudity example 5Hide nudity example 5Nudity example #5 PICTURE #441014

    Analysis: The figure is wearing a strap-style outfit that covers her breasts. Due to her sideways pose, the crotch area is not visible.
    Verdict: SFW
    Note: this figure has a cover over her crotch, so even if she was turned, the picture would still be SFW - see PICTURE #441028

    Strategically covered nudity: NSFW vs. SFW
    If a figure is nude, but has its hands, hair or other non-clothing items placed over the breasts and crotch, that would be an example of strategically covered nudity. By contrast, a figure wearing a skimpy outfit like underwear or a swimsuit with their hands placed in similar locations would not be.

    Strategic cover example 1Hide strategic cover example 1
    Strategically covered nudity example #1 PICTURE #1529184

    Analysis: Due to the side view, her bare crotch is not visible, and due her arm position, her exposed breasts are hidden. Otherwise, the figure is fully naked.
    Verdict: NSFW

    Strategic cover example 2Hide strategic cover example 2Strategically covered nudity example #2 PICTURE #1937687

    Analysis: Parts of her hair are covering her crotch and one breast. She's holding a small towel over the other breast. Otherwise, the figure is fully naked.
    Verdict: NSFW

    Strategic cover example 3Hide strategic cover example 3Strategically covered nudity example #3 PICTURE #819150

    Analysis: The figure is holding her hand over her breast, but she is wearing a bustier and panties.
    Verdict: SFW
    Note: From another vantage point, it becomes more obvious that her nipples are covered by her outfit in case there was any doubt - see PICTURE #819151

    Sheer or see-through clothing: NSFW vs. SFW
    Examples of this are transparent or semi-transparent clothing over the nipples or crotch areas allowing full or partial visibility to those areas. If those areas are additionally covered by other opaque materials, or if the sheer / semi-transparent material is limited to other areas on the figure such as arms, legs, mid-riff, or head, then it would be SFW. Note that the method to achieve sheer or semi-transparent garments for a figure could be done either with painting or by incorporating actual transparent or semi-transparent materials.

    Sheer example 1Hide sheer example 1Sheer See-through Example #1 PICTURE #46696

    Analysis: The upper outfit is made of a semi-transparent plastic, allowing the nipples to be seen underneath.
    Verdict: NSFW

    Sheer example 2Hide sheer example 2Sheer See-through Example #2 PICTURE #2129443

    Analysis: Although the figure's nipples and crotch are covered by her outfit, the lower garment is made to appear sheer/semi-transparent, allowing the viewer to see her vagina.
    Verdict: NSFW

    Sheer example 3Hide sheer example 3Sheer See-through Example #3 PICTURE #974870

    Analysis: The top includes transparent material, but her breasts are fully covered and she is wearing shorts below it.
    Verdict: SFW

    Sheer example 4Hide sheer example 4Sheer See-through Example #4 PICTURE #1347051

    Analysis: Their raincoats and boots are semi-transparent, but they are wearing swimsuits underneath.
    Verdict: SFW

    Lewd or provocative poses: NSFW vs. SFW
    This is one of the more subjective elements for determining an NSFW figure since not all viewers may agree on what constitutes a lewd or provocative pose. A few examples would be hands placed on the breasts or crotch, lifting or shifting clothing to reveal the breasts or crotch , or poses that prominently display the figures breasts, crotch or buttocks toward the viewer. By contrast, a figure that is merely standing or sitting with no emphasis on their breasts, crotch or buttocks is probably not in a lewd or provocative pose.

    Provocative pose example 1Hide provocative pose example 1Lewd or provocative pose example #1 PICTURE #2092621

    Analysis: Although the figure is wearing an outfit and her crotch is covered by underwear, this is a provocative pose. Her position combined with way she is holding her legs suggests that she is making a sexual invitation.
    Verdict: NSFW

    Provocative pose example 2Hide provocative pose example 2Lewd or provocative pose example #2 PICTURE #2068485

    Analysis: The figure is fully clothed but is wearing a bunny girl costume which is suggestive. Her pose displays her butt very prominently, and the result is a provocative pose. It's entirely possible that she's on the floor in that position just looking for a lost contact lens, but her outfit, body position and facial expression seem to imply that she is making a sexual invitation.
    Verdict: NSFW

    Provocative pose example 3Hide provocative pose example 3Lewd or provocative pose example #3 PICTURE #2348241

    Analysis: The figure is wearing a stylish but skimpy bikini. Her standing pose with hands placed behind her head suggests she is modeling for the photo, perhaps as part of a gravure photo shoot. There is no sexual implication inferred from this, and it is not a provocative pose.
    Verdict: SFW

    Provocative pose example 4Hide provocative pose example 4Lewd or provocative pose example #4 PICTURE #1315042

    Analysis: The figure is sitting on the ground eating a cherry. She has an open shirt and appears to not be wearing a bra, but her nipples are covered. Her knees are raised, revealing her underwear. Her pose appears cute and innocent and is not provocative.
    Verdict: SFW

    Close-ups of breasts, buttocks or crotches: NSFW vs. SFW
    Some examples would be a close-up of the breasts that shows detail of nipple bumps under the clothing, a close-up of the figure's backside while wearing a thong or skin-tight clothing that reveals the full contour of the buttocks, or a close-up of the crotch that shows contours of the genitalia beneath the underwear. By contrast, close-ups of the chest, rear or crotch of a figure wearing an outfit that covers those areas might be SFW. Wider views that include more of the figure and less detail of those specific areas might be SFW as well.

    Close-up example 1Hide close-up example 1Close-up example #1 PICTURE #1723989

    Analysis: This is a close-up of the figure's breasts. She is wearing a bra, but the bumps from her nipples can be seen.
    Verdict: NSFW

    Close-up example 2Hide close-up example 2Close-up example #2 PICTURE #1783100

    Analysis: This is a close-up of Sonico's butt. She is wearing a thong, but it's wedged in there so deeply that it might need a search party to find the rest of it. The result is that Sonico's shapely buttocks are fully exposed similar to if she wasn't even wearing underwear.
    Verdict: NSFW

    Close-up example 3Hide close-up example 3Close-up example #3 PICTURE #1679772

    Analysis: This is a close-up of the figure's butt and crotch. She is wearing panties, but the shape of her labia majora and pudendal cleft can be seen.
    Verdict: NSFW

    Close-up example 4Hide close-up example 4Close-up example #4 PICTURE #464607

    Analysis: This is a close-up of the figure's chest. There is visible underboob, but her breasts are covered by a bikini top or bra, and no details of her nipples are visible.
    Verdict: SFW

    Close-up example 5Hide close-up example 5Close-up example #5 PICTURE #1796504

    Analysis: This is a close-up of the figure's butt and upper legs. She is wearing pants, and no details of her buttocks or crotch are visible
    Verdict: SFW

    Close-up example 6Hide close-up example 6Close-up example #6 PICTURE #898437

    Analysis: This is a close-up of Bayonetta's crotch. She has her legs spread apart. However, her body is fully covered by tight-fitting armor, and no details of her crotch are visible.
    Verdict: SFW

    Do you still need help determining if a photo is NSFW or not?
    You've come to the right place! Just post a reply to this thread with a link to the photo and we will try to help you determine if the photo should be tagged NSFW or SFW.
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