NendoMixersMixing front + back head pieces?

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    I wanted to make a custom Nendoroid of a friend's OC and I wanted to ask if it was possible to use different hair pieces for such a purpose (I tested out a couple of my Nendoroids and a lot of them didn't fit, although since I don't have very many I can't make a good judgement call). I wanted to see if Eli Ayase's bangs could fit on Yui Hirasawa's hair (or any other Nendoroid with similar short wavy hair with no additional accessories), and if it can. I'll be happy uwu If not, I'm fine with not going through with my project
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    I think I'm late but I have several hair pieces and only managed to find 2 that fit together so I guess not without some carving or modeling...
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