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    I'm surprised this topic isn't up here yet. ;)
    So what are everybody's favorite Vocaloid song? Yes, I know there are close to a billion songs, but try to limit yourself to a few. XD

    As for me, I really like livetune's Packaged www.youtube.com... and Last Night, Good Night (such a beautiful song) www.youtube.com....

    Of course there's also supercell's Melt www.youtube.com..., which is growing on me too. After hearing haloysy's www.youtube.com... and gazelle's (aka nagi) versions, (separate www.youtube.com... and duet www.youtube.com...) I started liking it a lot more.

    Also www.youtube.com...
    He plays a mean bass. His other stuff is pretty good too.

    Edit: Added links. ;-)
    Probably would be best to play in the highest possible resolution.
    http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp158/chronos184/MFC/yuukasig.jpg. . . . . . . . . . .http://i407.photobucket.com/albums/pp158/chronos184/MFC/overdrive2.gif
  • Osasaki
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    Got quite a few i treasure but in particular i like Melody.., Cendrillon, Shinningray and Magnet.
  • Rakkitonbo
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    MELT, Aku no musume, Joker and the Disappearance of Hatsune Miku are my favourites along with many more. I can't really decide.
  • C221
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    They're both pretty simple but I like White Letter and Long Trail the most.

  • Rui-chan
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    My favourite is Rip=Relase. That song sounds so real. :)
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  • Tenma
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    Toeto & BPM are by far my 2 favourites
  • Rakkitonbo
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    I like Toeto too.
  • Ribonizer
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    Anata no utahime. The version from Project Diva.
  • Rainbow-Licorne
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    Melt and The World is Mine from Miku are some of my favorites.
    Also Spice! by Len
    and Just Be Friends sung my Luka
  • Matteas
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    It's hard to pick just a few. I love Usotsuki no Parade www.youtube.com..., Kasoukyoku www.youtube.com..., Light Song, and Anthem by Miku. And I have to mention Meltdown by Rin as well.
  • IronFixXxeR
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    My faves currently are: Remone doaisukuri mu, moon behind, Meltdown, RIP = RELEASE, 4 FREEDOM (Original mix), Amai Wana and Utage.
  • ILoveWammy
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    I like Silence, World is Mine, and Po Pi Po!
  • kilani
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    My favorite is miku miku ni shite ageru www.youtube.com.... It was the first song I ever heard and I just randomly picked it up because I was always curious to hear how Vocaloid's music was.
  • Yokoloid
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    My favorite songs are "Knife" from Rin, Len and Miku and "Sigre" Rin/Len version and Kaito/Meiko version ! <3
  • LovelyAthena112
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    Its only Miku, but this song is awesome!
  • icenek0
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    Omg Favorite songs!

    World is Mine - Miku
    Fortune Driver - Len
    Butterfly on my right shoulder - Len
    Spice - Len

    XD Can we tell Len is my favorite!
  • Yokoloid
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    icenek0Omg Favorite songs!

    World is Mine - Miku
    Fortune Driver - Len
    Butterfly on my right shoulder - Len
    Spice - Len

    XD Can we tell Len is my favorite!

    Len's Fan xD
  • catvillage66
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    Favourites, favourites, favourites... tough question but a few that stick out in my mind are:
    MAYU- ELLIE www.youtube.com...
    Yuzuki Yukari- Snow Flake www.youtube.com...
    Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka- World's End Dancehall www.youtube.com...
    CUL- Cosplay Day www.youtube.com...
    Nekomura Iroha- Shallow Angel: www.youtube.com...
    Lily-Lience: www.youtube.com...
    SeeU- A Song Of A Certain Girl: www.youtube.com...
  • Shinigamiyoko
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    Overall favorite is probably Onyx Kobayashi/Miku's Saihate.

    Some others...
    Rolling Girl - Miku
    Time Machine - Miku
    Heart Rate #0822 - Miku
    Coward Montblanc - Gumi

    I like bittersweet songs, and apparently, I seem to appreciate Miku a lot XD
  • neptunecadet
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    I have so many....I guess I'll just go by Character.

    MEIKO: From Y to Y
    KAITO: Rolling Girl
    Hatsune Miku: Jubilee
    Kagamine Rin: PonPonPon
    Kagamine Len: 14
    Megurine Luka: The Blue
    Kamui Gakupo: +REVERSE
    Megpoid Gumi: Candy Candy
    Lily: Tremor
    Nekomura Iroha: Freely Tomorrow
    SF-A2 Miki: Uzume
    IA: Koyuki
    Yuzuki Yukari: Tell Your World
    Utatane Piko: Toosenbo
    SeeU: Tsukema Tsukeru

    I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Namine Ritsu's (utauloid) cover of Jitter Doll and Error!

    But going by just songs, along with the ones up there I also love Heart Beats (Luka), Romeo and Cinderella (KAITO), Gallow's Bell (Miku), Gloria (Miku), Love Timer (Rin), too Cute! (Rin), You and Beautiful World (Luka), BC (Lily), all the "Night" songs....oh gosh I just love so many Vocaloid songs.
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