Drawings-LoveDrawing Prompt #1

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    Hello all, Saruna here ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I am now one of the club MODs(thanks ^^), and this I thought I'd try and get the club a bit active ^^ Every week or every two weeks, I'll post a new one of these threads. ^^ Each thread will have a different "prompt", or idea that you have to draw out/base a drawing on^^

    ♥ This is not "required" as a club member, you only participate as you wish. ^^
    ♥ You don't have to do all prompts, e.g. you do prompt #3 but not #4, then want to do #5. ^^
    ♥ You can do anything from a quick doodle to a sketch to a full-out picture~
    ♥ Only pictures drawn for this prompt are allowed to be posted, in other words if you drew something a month ago that happens to fit a prompt theme, you can't post it for the prompt.
    ♥ Prompts can be done any time, e.g. prompt #2 was posted a week ago but you decide to do it now.
    ♥ Hope it can be fun ^^

    #1 is the season of Spring! (⌒▽⌒)

    Happy Drawing
    Saruna Mirabuヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
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    Oh I missed the update for this! I will draw something spring like soon! ;)
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    Okay I know this prompt is almost half a year old, but...well, better late than never right?
    I started on this a few months ago and I worked on it on and off until I got too busy and ended up shelving it. But I finally got back and finished it. I suppose it's probably too late to get this ball rolling but I had intended to post it here when I was done so that's what I'm doing.
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