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  • Wario54
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    So which was your first Fire Emblem and which installment is your current favorite?
  • Flareon
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    First was Rekka no Ken. Favorite would be Awakening just because the gameplay did everything right and recruiting kids was cool. The story could have been better, though. The DLC is also way too expensive for something that comes in droves, but as long as I'm not forced to buy it. Favorite before that was the DS remake of Monshou no Nazo. Good stuff.
  • maddynamite
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    My first was Rekka no Ken (FE6). It's still my favorite :)

    I love the characters, the support conversations (Heath and Legault, and Hector and Farina are hilarious), the secret secret mission and the difficulty level.

    I don't have a 3DS yet, so I haven't played Awakening :( But everything I've heard about it sounds good!
  • honeybee17
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    Fire Emblem Awakening is my first game, and I really like it. Wanna try previous games.
  • strikeforceagent
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    First was Radiant Dawn. My favorite game would be tied between FE Awakening and Radiant Dawn.
  • Chloe-tsundere
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    First was fire emblem for the gameboy :3 rekken no ken ?

    And my fav.. Hmm thats hard i still love my first FE game x3
    But i do love awakening..that marriage system is nice
  • fermul
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    My first FE was the very first Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. too bad I couldn't finish it because of my studies.

    My latest FE is FE Awakening. I really love this latest installment. The marriage-children system is awesome.
    My favorite will be Awakening.

    Talk about favorite characters there are a whole bunch of character roster in Awakening, everyone has his/her unique trait. But, I really love Tharja and Donnel. I will even re-marry them again if I re-play the game.
  • Enkidulga
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    First FE was Sacred Stones on 3DS (Ambasador Program).
    My favourite is Awakening.
  • phoenixmiko
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    My first game was Awakening. I'm still on my first playthrough. It's my favourite even though I have recently started playing The New Mystery of the Emblem via an emulator.
  • sonicspinner
    sonicspinnerRegular Boarder • lv12
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    Awakening was my first game!

    I absolutely love FE:A, but I have to say for story line and characters overall Rekka no Ken is much better by far, so that one would have to be my favorite. I just felt like FE:A's paled in comparison when considering depth. The marriage system was nice and all, but it just seemed a little gimmicky after I started playing the older Fire Emblem games. (I'm being nit picky here though. :P)
  • NickV
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    The Sacred Stones was my first one. My favourite has to be FE7 (the first in EU), because of the storyline and how it made it personal by adding the strategist, and Lyn.
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