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  • xxangelchanxx
    xxangelchanxxVery Important Boarder • lv19
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    hace 11 años
    I can't believe there has not been a discussion about this yet. 0:
    Well mine is Rin.
  • Rakkitonbo
    RakkitonboRegular Boarder • lv16
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    hace 11 años
    I can't really decide who I like most....Haku-neesan maybe.
  • L-san
    L-sanRegular Boarder • lv10
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    hace 11 años
    I'm very fond of the twins and Luka.
  • neo_valkyrie
    neo_valkyrieVery Important Boarder • lv17
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    hace 11 años
  • Atogaki
    AtogakiRegular Boarder • lv12
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    How can I choose? They are all adorable. Miku, Rin and Luka, maybe, but Kaito, Gakupo and Len are also great in duets with them. :3
  • Ribonizer
    RibonizerRegular Boarder • lv11
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    hace 11 años
    Hatsune Miku..
    Wasn't a fan of Vocaloids until project diva. I mean, they were cute and all, but I am loathe to listening to music on youtube and niconico so I nevet got exposed to them much.

    After 2 hours of Project Diva I ordered me a Miku figure XD
  • Deibi_Manabu
    Deibi_ManabuRegular Boarder • lv8
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    hace 11 años
    Well Hatsune Miku first and foremost, and then the twins afterwards.

    I haven't been exposed to Luka much, nor Meiko or Kaito, so I have to go with what I know. I have lots and lots of videos and songs, so I'm sorta saturated by Vocaloids, and I have all the regular Nendoroids except for Kaito. I also have the GSC Miku, Len and Rin figures, so I'm quite ready to say that I'm an otaku of Vocaloid! :P

    Anyway, I will get Luka Nendoroid when it comes ready to preorder, so I'll just be missing Kaito. I've preordered the Puchi set too, so I'm going all out here! ^_^
  • Shiddo
    Shiddo一匹狼Ghost • lv33
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    hace 10 años
    LUKA > Haku > Neru
  • PineappleSkewer
    PineappleSkewerRegular Boarder • lv14
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    hace 10 años
    I love the look of Meiko and how people portray her in most videos. I hope she gets a full size Nendoroid.

    Voice: Gumi and Luka
  • Nandeyanen
    NandeyanenRegular Boarder • lv14
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    hace 10 años
    Overall I like Luka best- looks and voice ^_^ I like Rin and Len as a pair- they're so cute together (in a platonic sense) :3
    Ara ara ufufu~
  • Schroedinger
    SchroedingerRegular Boarder • lv9
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    hace 10 años
    Kaito... *-*
  • ringoiero360
    ringoiero360Regular Boarder • lv16
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    hace 10 años
    Luka and Len ^^
  • Kxela
    KxelaRegular Boarder • lv9
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    hace 10 años
    Luka :D

    Then Miku :3
  • imacatlover
    imacatloverRegular Boarder • lv21
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    hace 10 años

    I love him the most, and I have like 50 songs of him on my ipod! He's awesome <3
    D-don’t worry. A-all we have to do is find a t-t-t-time machine. - Gintoki, Gintama
  • Tsukuyomi17
    Tsukuyomi17Regular Boarder • lv14
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    hace 10 años
    Neru, Miku would be 2nd.
  • Yves
    YvesVery Important Boarder • lv15
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    hace 10 años
    KAITO is my very favourite, then Len, then Meiko. Kaito is my father's nick name for me, since I was little so it carries a special place in my heart. I think it is pronounced differently from the Vocaloid but it's spelled the same.
  • Makoto
    MakotoRegular Boarder • lv11
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    hace 10 años
    Rin is my favorite<3
  • RinTestarossa
    RinTestarossaVery Important Boarder • lv15
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    hace 10 años
    Miku is my favorite then Luka, Neru, Teto, and MEIKO.
  • ChibiMiku
    ChibiMikuRegular Boarder • lv15
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    hace 10 años
    Miku x3
  • SilverLynxy
    SilverLynxyRegular Boarder • lv12
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    hace 10 años
    My favourite has to be Miku since my favourite colour is teal and I've always loved girls with long hair. Kaito is second and third would be Yowane Haku. Those three simply stole my heart! =^_^=
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