MFCEver buy a figure without a base/stand? Make your own base?

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    I found a figure I had given up on due to the price at almost half price. Turns out its missing its base.

    But its a great discount, so I'm wondering if its worth it to try to make the base myself?

    Anyone been in this situation and bought a figure with no base? Did you regret it? Were you able to make a workable base?
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    From a collector's view, this is out of the question :P

    But if you're after the figure because you just love it, I imagine it may be worth it. Making a base yourself - depends. If the figure is standing on level ground, it should be easy. Never done it myself, but I think you should be able to find someone to make a base out of a piece of wood for example. Perhaps you're a handyman yourself? Drill holes for the pegs, and Bob's your uncle. If the pegs need to be on the base, superglue some metal pegs into the holes you drilled.

    If it's a more complicated base however, like ITEM #141607 it's of course more difficult. You need to decide if you want to try tackling something like this, or commissioning someone to make a custom base...
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    Some figures are really base dependent, and if you think you can make one on your own, then I suggest get it. It's half the price, duude!
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    [url=]radiantdreamer....[/url] Here is an artice where they replace plastic base pegs with metal ones. You could probably use this exact same method but using a wooden disc as someone else suggested as the actual base piece. Depending on how crafty you are, I think it would be possible to make something really awesome!
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    3D printer might help
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