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    I just received my first dollfie head and bought some eyes for her.
    I’ve been trying to place them just right for a while now and I’m just having a real hard time making them both look even and normal.

    This is the result after messing around with her for a little bit.
    (Sadly she doesn’t have a body yet, that package is stuck in Japan):

    But I was wondering if anyone has any tricks to putting in the eyes and making them look right:)
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    I'm relatively new to dollfie too, but I think I just got the hang of eyes.

    You see, the human brain is extremely good at decoding the gaze; we could tell where someone is looking at with very little information (and hence black sunglasses in Hollywood movie bodyguards to conceal that). And it's very easy to tell if someone is even a little bit derpy. It simply takes a lot of patience and miro-adjustments. All you can do is to make that process faster.

    Before the Dream Fitter, all I did was spending 30m+ adjusting the eyes with the skull cap off before every shot, looking at the face from multiple angles and making sure that all of those look natural.

    I find that a good trick is to put your own eye where you want the doll to look at, and see (with your eye there) if the doll is "looking" at you. Your photo, for example, feels like she's looking at something right in front of her nose (which may work for your shot, e.g. PICTURE #2434024).

    With the Dream Fitter (dollfie.ec.volk...) and its adjustment stick (dollfie.ec.volk...) this is now only a 2-5 minutes affair, and I don't have to take off the doll's wig and skull cap anymore. Try and see if that helps.

    Another trick when you use animetic eyes is to match the lighting of the scene with the catchlight in the doll's eyes. All animetic eyes have catchlights, and most of them (including yours) have the catchlight on the top (camera-)left, meaning there should be a light source on the top left of your scene. You can rotate the eyes a bit to change the angle the light is supposed to be coming in. Your eyes, though, has something that looks like a catchlight from a broad lightsource coming from below (like a white table she's sitting at), which, if you don't have that lightsource, will look a little like she's looking upward, which doesn't help when you centered them.
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