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    Hi everyone, I recently bought my first Dollfie Dream, Snow Miku! As I'm very new on dolls in general, I am willing to ask for advices. First of all, I saw how expensive this doll can be, as her head was a bit yellowish on a tiny spot, and her box a bit crushed out on some sides, I got her cheaper. I don't really have the keen eye to spot discoloured areas, or yellowish, and wanted to ask you if I missed something

    Here is the head: imgur.com/vtqSu...

    Here is the body: imgur.com/CIrf0...

    (Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, I haven't received her yet)

    I heard of staining by wig, by clothes, I heard of Head Cap, Body suit/Body stocking, and wanted to ask out of someone experimented with DD

    -How can I prevent staining? Are the basic clothes of Snow Miku leaving stains?
    What is the most discreet option? Body Stocking or Body Suit? Are they 100% preventing stains?

    -As for the head cap, what would be the best size for Miku? Some said that putting her a head cap will make the wig hard to put on

    -How to prevent yellowish? Is there a way of at least reducing it? Or is it too dangerous for the vinyl/the make up of the head?

    -Is there any option to take care of the wig? How can I brush her hair? Are the Oil spray/Treatment mist/Wig Shampoo from Papattes Store really useful? When do the wig need some conditioner?

    -Do the DD need to be in a room with reduced light? Or does it need to rest in it's box forever?

    -Is there anything important I must know before getting her?

    Well, thanks for reading!
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    The areas of her outfit where the blue fit tightly, like the top of the leggings, can possibly stain. Body suit is an added expense but comes with not being able to see the vinyl skin. I prefer not placing a body suit on a doll but it does add protection. Keep her out of sunlight. Semi-white skin can turn yellow easier than a normal skin doll so she does come with that extra aspect. No matter how bad her yellowing gets, its a natural part of the vinyl and you should look at it as shes getting older the same as you. If you dont touch her face, especially with sweaty hands, she should remain very cute regardless of anything else. Dont freak out when you see a stain, bodies are not as hard to come by as they used to be and a lot of the staining worry and fear online comes from a time where the bodies were not so easily obtained. Her body is not a rare one. I would recommend a wig cap, which can be found on Volks website, but im not sure if her wig is one that can stain. Some certainly do, especially black. The outfit is the most fragile part, keep her head and face in good condition and worst case scenario you can order another body.
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    Thank you so much for your answer! It definitely helps me a lot!
    I've learned so much with just your comment!
    Wish you the best~!
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