Koge-Donbo*Need more information on this garage kit!

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    So I was talking with someone in a Discord server about Koge-Donbo* and they managed to find a little bit of info, including images, of a Kamichama Karin garage kit figure. This figure isn't on MFC, so I'd like to add it, but I don't have enough required information on it to add it. I was wondering if anyone else was able to find any more information. Here's the link to the saved information from the original Yahoo Auctions listing of this figure:


    From this listing we have photos of the figure painted, and the box with its contents (the figure sold in the listing not being put together or painted). The painted figure seems to be it being showed off at a Comiket, but a reverse image search with Google shows no other copies of this photo besides this one. The sculptor is listed as being ENTRY #10080, but there's nothing on what circle manufactured the figure, or a release date, which are both required to add something to the database, correct? The listing also does not say what material was made to make the figure. So, does anyone know the circle, release date (or at least the year), and material of this figure? Or is this listing the sole information we have on this figure?
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