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    Hi All!

    Thanks for giving Blackship a try! We hope you're enjoying the changes. We are the team behind Blackship, so we can clear up some confusion!

    - No longer able to put notes on packages.

    True. This is something we plan to add back in. When rewriting the app, we cut "non-essential" features so we could launch faster. Now that we are on a much better foundation regarding our tech stack, we can more quickly make incremental improvements.

    - Long storage (>30days) require subscription.
    You can still get up to 60 days of storage on any plan (including the free plan). The first 30 days are free, then it's US$1.00 per day on the FREE plan (and half as much on the Premium plan) up to an additional 30 days. If you need more than 60 days, reach out to our support team. We may be able to accommodate you. We just can't let people keep things here indefinitely due to limited space.

    - Consolidation is less attractive than before (shipping cost calculation was based on the final weight and not on all packages you consolidate)

    Actually, it's only the ESTIMATED shipping that is calculated based on the total weight. The actual shipping is based on the actual weight after consolidation. The benefit of this new process is that you can make a single consolidate-and-ship request, whereas before you'd have to request consolidation, then return to ship the consolidated package, which results in long cycles.

    Thanks for raising up your voice here. We'll work on improving our documentation and copywriting to prevent more people from getting the wrong idea.

    - Need to ask 80% of the time for some shipping option (Printed Matter for example).

    Actually, it sounds like you're describing the legacy system. In the new Blackship, Printed Matter will automatically be available for any qualifying packages. So it's actually much improved. To get Printed Matter rates the weight must be between 2000 and 5000 grams (except for Canada) and the customs items must exclusively be from the list below. Also, there are some size limitations, and printed matter rates are not available to all countries.

    PRINTED-MATTER Customs Types


    We have some big upcoming announcements to make. We are in the process of finishing up a new loyalty program we call Blackship Rewards.

    With Blackship Rewards, customers, like you, will earn points for every package you ship. Also, you can get points for other usage activities like trying the Express Processing service and referring a friend.

    Based on the total Blackship Reward points you collect, you'll receive benefits for your membership tier in the form of discounted pricing.

    We are quite excited about it, and we think our customers will be too.

    We hate to hear that people have the wrong idea about our service, so please feel free to share any other concerns or feedback with us. There's a Product Feedback form right in the Blackship web app (in the top-right menu).

    The Blackship Team
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