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Naturally NativeWhat do you like about Native figures?

11 respuestas

  • 11 respuestas
  • chobittsuRegular Boarder
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    • hace 9 años
    • 89
    • Netherlands
    hace 8 años
    For me, aside from the ecchi aspect, I find the quality very good and the designs are so well shaped; they are like works of art...
  • Chloe-tsundereThe louise otakuRegular Boarder
    • 46
    • hace 8 años
    • 480
    • netherlands
    hace 7 años
    actually the same reason its quite ecchi which I love but not too much liek giga pulse ;) cause its just cute somehow as well and well-made
  • bomhatbecause I'm batmanRegular Boarder
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    • 19
    • hace 7 años
    • 82
    • gotham city
    hace 7 años
  • WoodlandbunnyS.T.A.R.S. MemberRegular Boarder
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    • hace 8 años
    • 74
    • London, UK
    hace 7 años
    I love the ecchi aspect of them and of course the quality, although it's a shame I'll never bring myself to display them in my room T_T
  • CinnamonSwirlsRegular Boarder
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    • hace 6 años
    • 86
    • Canada
    hace 6 años
    I love the quality- of course- and the artistic design to each of Native's figures. Each are true pieces of art and stand out on their own. Each have their own charm and qualities. Not to mention they are all naughty, but in a very tasteful way. Native is truly one of the best companies in my point of view.
  • rapidoRegular Boarder
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    • hace 10 años
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    • Ecchinomiya
    hace 6 años
    Ecchi figure with highest quality and respect/spotlight to ero-artist... makes it worth collecting...
  • iTheShirtSeasonally Otaku'dRegular Boarder
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    • 26
    • hace 7 años
    • 64
    • New York, NY
    hace 6 años
    The reaction of people who see them.
  • lonesomefollyRegular Boarder
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    • hace 6 años
    • 36
    • Capital Federal, Argentina
    hace 6 años
    I love how well they convey emotions. It seems the figures themselves are feeling what they show. Shyness, embarrassment, etc
  • ReinierRegular Boarder
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    • hace 8 años
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    • Miami, Florida
    hace 6 años
    I like the quality of the sculpting and painting. Its also nice that Native figures arent re-released and rarely ever go down in value much. I hate it when I pre-order a figure and then a month or two later it drops down to 30% off or more and then it gets re-released like a year later totally killing the value.
    ♥ Holo ♥
  • phantomRegular Boarder
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    • 16
    • hace 7 años
    • 9
    hace 6 años
    Being erotic but at the same time as being beautiful as well
  • ShadowstepRegular Boarder
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    • 13
    • hace 6 años
    • 17
    • Bulgaria
    hace 4 años
    They are erotic in artistic way, they bring out the sexual concept of their figures to almost non-sexual way - it can be admired like an art, instead of just drooling over naked girls. They add more detail to the adds of the figures(display bases and e.t.c.) which also greatly helps to catch the whole scenery of the original work (picture).The paint job and details of the figures are also pretty impressive. That is all great, though until they screw up with quality control and pricing. These are of course trivial matters which don't have direct relation to the subject, but still can diminish one's enjoyment of their figures.
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