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1★ - I once ordered a nendo from this shop.
Just to test if it was a legit site. I got scammed, and didn't receive my moshirima haruka nendo, so I ordered it elsewhere -_-
hace 10 años
anime_addicted Beyond Obsession
1★ - Aikoudo went bad!
I used not to have any problems with Aikoduo in terms of communication and receiving my items. However, for almost 3 months now, they've been ignoring all my emails regarding my orders as they have to be shipped long ago now, And as i read the previous feedback, i now know i am not the only victim! i have no idea what's got into them so suddenly.
Edit: They emailed me saying their system was off/errored or something. They apologized and sent out all my items and refunded the items that went out of stock!
hace 10 años
1★ - scammers
It's been over 2 months, my figures never arrived and they ignore all emails.

Edit: They finally sent it after 4 months of waiting.
hace 10 años
1★ - Item not received
I ordered an in-stock item from them, after 3 weeks of no anwsers at all I went to paypal and got my money back. I will never use them again, horrible experience.
hace 10 años
I've been waiting for my shipping confirmation for 2 months. The item already available 2 months ago. I've been sending emails and posts on their facebook.
But their customer service decided to just ignore all of them.

There are complaints about them not sending the package and ignoring emails on their facebook.

So for now,
and check their facebook.

At the moment, they are just like a thief, as their policy to pay upfront, but they never send the items
hace 10 años
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