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anime_addicted Beyond Obsession
1★ - Aikoudo went bad!
I used not to have any problems with Aikoduo in terms of communication and receiving my items. However, for almost 3 months now, they've been ignoring all my emails regarding my orders as they have to be shipped long ago now, And as i read the previous feedback, i now know i am not the only victim! i have no idea what's got into them so suddenly.
Edit: They emailed me saying their system was off/errored or something. They apologized and sent out all my items and refunded the items that went out of stock!
hace 10 años
1★ - scammers
It's been over 2 months, my figures never arrived and they ignore all emails.

Edit: They finally sent it after 4 months of waiting.
hace 10 años
4★ - Crawling back up?
Today I got the notice and confirmation that my Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Master Stars Piece has been shipped out to me...
It was planned to be available in November so I am surprised, but seeing the problems other people have had lately I didn't expect a shipping notification until December/January or so...
But here it got in my mailbox, and it is really on it's way here...
I hope Aikoudo is back on track, I love the way they pack things so securely ^w^
hace 10 años
1★ - Item not received
I ordered an in-stock item from them, after 3 weeks of no anwsers at all I went to paypal and got my money back. I will never use them again, horrible experience.
hace 10 años
3★ - communication ZERO
bought WCF kids One Piece from them, they never answered my mails, i thought i would never receive my items,but luckily i got them, even a paypal dispute didn't worked so if you have a problem turn it into a claim immediately!
hace 10 años