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2★ - Not somewhere I would order from again.
On the positive side: They have a good item selection of exclusive and limited merchandise from Japan. Their customer service was quick to respond to my question about when my order would ship. The website is somewhat easy to navigate. It was easy to order.

On the negative side: Item prices seemed a bit too pricey. I'm not an economics genius, so I'm not sure if they are too outrageous. I really missed a search function when I navigated the website - maybe it's there, but I sure couldn't find it. I thought the items were actually in stock since there was no indication of them being out of stock or needed to be acquired, but when my order hadn't shipped in a week, I contacted them, and they let me know that they needed to acquire some things in my order before it could be shipped. Some indication of stock would be very helpful on the product page. It took them two weeks to ship my package, so if it's something you want in a hurry, I would find somewhere else.
Now, the thing that irked me the most, is the shipping charges. I was supposed to pay a bit over 5000 yen for EMS shipping, which I thought was expensive since it equaled to shipping a 2 kg package from AmiAmi. But I had no idea how large the items were, so I paid anyway since it's the only option if you want tracking and a possibility of reclaiming your money if the package is lost.
Now when the package arrived... it weighted in total 625 g, and on the customs form, it said that the total amount of shipping paid was 2600. I felt super ripped off, and this is the main point of why I won't be using the shop again. It's totally fair to pay for shipping and materials for shipping, but I will not believe that a recycle small cardboard box, ONE sheet of paper for protection and some tape would equal out to over 5000 yen. The packing is not good either, I could hear my items sliding around in the package, and I'm just grateful my local postal service usually handles package very well.
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