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J-Figure.com is a new shop which was opened May 2013. The shop is located in Tokyo, and sells both new and pre-owned anime figures to all over the world.

Pre-owned figures are quite popular in Japan because they are cheaper than new ones (except some collector's items) and often traded in very good condition. In most cases, the outer box has some damages but the inside is kept clean, often as fresh as a brand new. J-Figure.com offers such quality pre-owned figures at bargain prices.

In addition, here in Japan, we do not have so much an issue of bootleg which bothers collectors who live outside Japan. Products we sell are all licensed, original. You can enjoy safe shopping with us.

At J-Figure.com, you can also find "sold out" items which are are only available in the second-hand market. Find with us a rare item you have been long looking for! We are small enough to respond to your individual need, so if you do not find the item in our stock, just let us know at info@jfigure.com so that we can find it for you in the second-hand market in Japan.

Our site is currently operated in English and German. We accept payment in PayPal. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Shipping cost will be calculated and added to your price during your checkout depending on which shipping method you choose between EMS, SAL and AIR.

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Fulfilling special requests and highly reliable!

JFigure is the perfect store when looking for rare and pre-owned figures! ~ I deeply fell in love with the [url=]Angela Balzac 1/4 figure and I just couldn't find her for a decent price! I am living in Germany and have the additional problem that I will have many problems with my local custom's office if I import figures: they will open the package and check for warnings and instructions (in German!) and if they do not have any, they will send them back to Japan! They even need a so-called "CE-marking" on it, a label given as a certification mark that indicates conformity with certain standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. Without that EU-label they are not eligible for import and will be send back. This is an official German regulation, but not all custom offices here are as strict as mine. But I need my packages to be SAL or AIR Small packages, because those will not be opened. I don't know if the people who check packages here are just lazy, but they just look on the declared value of the package and calculate the fees I have to pay. And my problem was: how can I import a figure like the 1/4 scale Angela Balzac figure without the box being too large (> 90cm) or heavy (2 kg) for a SAL Small Packet? She had no chance being kept in her OVP, but I asked JFigure to put her out of her box and ship her without it. They even had to separate the hair and shoes from her to make her fit in such a small box, but they did it! They even undervalued my package so I didn't had to pay all of the 19% import fees! Without the effort and service provided by JFigure it wouldn't have been possible for me to import a ~ 48cm heavy 1/4 scale figure in just a small package! The price was also pretty decent at 32200 JPY and they even lowered her to 27800 JPY the same day! Plus: I made a mistake and missed the small window with the reduced price. I wrote a message to them and they even gave me the discount after I missed the gap! For figures I normally use FromJapan and I bought more than 50 times from Japan in total, always using services like Buyee, Tenso, FromJapan, J-Subculture, Neokyo, Zenmarket... but none of them could help me so much with my individual problems! Never wrote a feedback here before but they are worth it. They also help you with finding certain figures you are looking for. Without them I would've never found my [url=]Roselinde Freya 1/8. I have to highly recommend them, because they accept international payment methods (Paypal was my way to go), also send refunds, let you choose your shipping method, have a great item selection (you an ask for help), have decent prices for especially rare figures and put lots of effort into packaging! Shipping was fast and I had not a single problem with the courier or the German custom office. They also replied fast to individually help with my unusual questions. I felt like being in good hands and had a good contact to the seller. Thank you for helping me with my collection! ♥
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