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Chuck's Anime Shrine

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Chuck's Anime Shrine
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The anime shop where can purchase a wide range of manga, Anime DVDs, Live Action Japanese DVDs, anime PVC figures, keychains, and much more. You will even be able to pre-order great products before they come here from Japan.


Sythellri the Phoenix
Great customer service and prices but...

Chuck is a great person. He answers all of his customer service emails by himself and most likely, personally packages everything. I used to buy from him quite a lot in the past. He gave me a huge discounts from buying several figures at once. He treats his loyal repeating customers like kings and will definitely never betray you. He does however have some cons. Since his Store is rather small, he does not have much stock or selection. Another small problem is that he seems to update the website on his own so when he gets busy the website doesn't get updated.
hace 4 años
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Your Bridge to Deals in the Islands of the Rising Sun.