Reviews Mio Boutique (Proxy)

  • 3★ - Not worth it ~shipping costs~
    I used their proxy service (proxyrabbit) for the first time and I don't think I'll ever use them again. The cost of shipping was sky-high! Plus they only offer two shipping options: Air Mail and EMS. I paid ¥2435 (this includes the ¥293 service fee) for the air mail (the cheaper option) and my order consisted of 4 CDs and one manga volume. It's ridiculous. That amount included the ¥211 transaction fee and the ¥200 packaging fee of which I hadn't known before.

    The delivery was fast, but I didn't care for speed in the first place. To make things worse, you can combine an order of max 5 items
    hace 7 años
  • 1★ - shitty service and skyrocket high additional fees
    they will charge at least 20% higher than the original shipping cost.

    they also make you pay the freaking paypal fees yourself because they don't want to bear the transaction fees. it's the only seller making buyers to pay the fxxking paypal fees.

    also, they will close your account if you ask for a cancellation. They don't care whatever the hell the reason is. And they will close your account even if you have outstanding pre-orders with them. that means your pre-orders money is GONE. PERIOD.

    In conclusion,buy from them if you want to dump your money into the toilet.
    hace 8 años
  • 4★ - Slightly shaky but overall great service.
    Besides a small hiccup they were quick to respond and kept me well informed as a store exclusive proved to be a slightly awkward situation for MB. Limited number of figures created waves of days when it wasn't available to order. Unfortunately it sold out after receiving confirmation of my order with them and there was no further communication from MB, until I informed them orders had re-opened 4 days later.

    The only other issue was the excessive packaging bumping up shipping fees - the box was easily double the size required and that's no exaggeration.

    Would certainly recommend.
    hace 9 años
  • 5★ - I've used them for over a year.
    Their staff is really polite and they respond quickly, the proxy fees are low and they take care of your stuff.
    hace 9 años
  • 3★ - low commission but with other fees
    Commission is 5% for proxy buying but there are additional fees. The actual cost(less shipping) is a lot higher than I expected which is ~20% more than the cost of acquisition.
    Shipping options lack SAL Unregistered so tend to be more.
    Seller will not respond to questions if the answers can be found in the FAQ so do read before ordering.
    They act fast on your bidding/buying request so I would still recommend them.
    hace 10 años
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