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Good store for rarer items and also some very good prices.

Only bought 2 figures from them(they rate their item's condition as S:Sealed, A, B): an A-rated condition item plus a B-rated one, the A one came like new just the box's seal broken as expected, on the other hand the B one which was a pretty old prepainted coldcast figure had some very minor paint chips, since they were mostly on the sleeves a sharpie did a pretty good job covering them, both items were quite fairly priced. The packaging was fine, as a plus they even managed to fit asmodeus 1/7 ice cream ver. in SAL small which saved me at least 2,500yen. Overall they're a nice store for rare items and it has some pretty good deals for figures/merch which are more expensive everywhere else, also given that it has less customers many items tend to remain in stock longer unlike major stores where some rare stuff can be gone in minutes. I'd only recommend to be careful when ordering B rated items, probably you would want to pay a bit more(A-Rated items are fine) just to be sure your item doesn't have any issues.
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