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  • Amazing prices and a great selection!

    I've made two purchases from Mandarake so far and I am very pleased with their service. The two purchases I made were from SAHRA and Nagoya. SAHRA is in my opinion their best shop since shipping price is already determined upon checkout as opposed to other shops which determine the shipping price after they check item availability. Their website could use some polishing and better translation but overall I find it decent enough. Now for the best part. Their selection is enormous and their prices are incredible. Also they sometimes get really rare and old items in stock for an affordable price. I cannot speak for their customer service since I haven't had any issues so far apart from a question which they answered promptly within a day. They do take some time to ship if you order from their store front shops, but that is completely understandable since they need to check if the item is available and then invoice you after which they ship the item. Overall a great store. Absolutely recommended!
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  • Huge selection, bad customer service

    Huge selection of first and second hand Japanese toys and related paraphernalia. This and Entertainment Hobby Shop Jungle are my go to sites for sold out stuff. The prices are reasonable and are based on the quality of the goods (sealed, opened, etc.). The shipping costs depend on the service you choose. SAL tends to be the most affordable, though shipping times are long for us international customers, and vary from a few weeks to 1 or 2 months. The website is OK overall, though the "favorites" and "alert" sections are poorly organized and need work. The customer service you get will vary depending on the store that you're dealing with. I've made 3 transactions with the site. Two were for sealed goods and went smoothly. The most recent one was for an "opened" item from Utsunomiya. It looked OK in the picture, but I found a missing part when it arrived. I contacted the store and asked to return it, and got no reply. Many people have had good experiences with opened items, saying that they were practically brand new, but not in my case. Apparently they recycle pictures, so the picture you see may not be of your item. So if you're planning on buying opened items, e-mail them beforehand to see if there's anything wrong with it.
    Hace 3 meses
  • def one of my favourite sites

    so i can only speak for the sahra shop on mandarake but my experience has always been amazing!!!
    i only ever order used/figures with damaged boxes and i am yet to get an order and actually see a figure/box in bad condition.
    packaging is fab and i love sahra bc i can find out the shipping fee beforehand unlike the other shops
    Hace 5 meses
  • Great Selection and Pricing, But Questionable Shipping

    A great place to get figures. Prices are amazing and the overall it's a nice shopping experience.
    I dislike how they package things, tough. Once I ordered one Nendoroid-sized action figure and they packaged it inside of a huge box that could have 5 or 6 Nendoroids more. They should definitely get some smaller boxes.
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  • Great range of selection and prices :)

    I made my first purchase with Mandarake last month, and it was a great buying experience. The store has a wide range of products, and good prices too. The package took less than 2 weeks to arrive (I used registered SAL).

    The only setback is that I personally feel they use too much packing material sometimes, and it takes up too much space in the box which would otherwise allow another figure to fit in for combined shipping. My first purchase came with two figures in 2 separate boxes but when I took out all the packing, the two figures could fit in one box with enough space for protective packing. Though I understand it is deemed necessary for protection.

    I have just made my second and third purchase with them this week, and awaiting for the arrival of my figures. I think I am addicted to Mandarake.
    Hace 7 meses
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