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Associated/partner store of Whiterabbit, but a separate business as a forwarding service only.

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We're on a mission to make buying stuff from Japan as simple and easy as possible. What makes Blackship different is how much friction we've removed from the process to get your packages moving forward fast.

As pioneers of proxy buying service in Japan, we launched White Rabbit Express over 12 years ago. Today our buy-and-ship service is used by people in 125 countries, and we've earned our reputation as the most customer-focused company in the industry. 97% of customers surveyed say they are highly-likely to recommend White Rabbit Express to a friend.

We built Blackship so that people who need package forwarding service can enjoy the same level of innovation and customer care which makes our buying service so popular.


Very Good Service

Having used both White Rabbit Express for a few years and Blackship when it launched, I've found the service to be excellent. Great customer service and all packages have arrived safely and quickly making it easy to recommend Rates might be a little better if charged in JPY rather than USD as the Pound is rather weak (Especially to the USD) at the moment but thats not Blackships's fault. Otherwise very good rates and I've noticed a few glitches with their mobile site that makes it difficult to navigate but this isn't too much of an issue
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