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Reviews • Big in Japan (Proxy)

  • Good as always

    I've been using BiJ forwarding service for years now and they've always been okay. I only had one problem with them and they replied me kind of rude but my last forwarding order (8 differents shops) went perfectly so i'm really happy!
    hace 1 año
  • Sometimes their good but most of the time their bad

    I was tempted to use BiJ's proxy and forwarding services because of the low price of ¥1,000 per repackaging ticket that allows you to order multiple orders and have them all repackaged together into one shipment. Most of the time when I used their proxy and forwarding services I ordered books from Amazon.co.jp and I would receive 1-5 books per shipment that would arrive with a torn obi (the little paper book cover on the bottom of the cover) and I didnt pay much attention to it and kept using their services until one shipment where everything arrived damaged due to improper packaging.
    hace 2 años
  • Doesn't respond.

    Sent messages from two different email addresses over the span of three weeks, no response back from either address.

    Not from their list of blacklisted email domains either, so not sure what the issue was.
    hace 3 años
  • No problems but wouldn't use again

    I used their proxy service and had no problems. I wish they had a form that could be filled out when sending requests to make the process easier. I also have a feeling that if there were any problems I would've had a hard time with them. They worked this time but I don't think I'll risk it again honestly, there are better proxies out there.
    hace 3 años
  • Customer Service doesn't exist

    They sent my 2nd paypal bill to the wrong email address. There was no attempt to notify me via my actual email address. (I had specified that the two were different.) I was unable to check my paypal account for a few days and when I got around to it, it was too late. The bill was still there so I asked about the situation in emails THREE times but I have yet to get any type of response. They're quick to send you bills but can't be bothered to help when you have questions. No customer service means no more orders from me. What a waste of money.
    hace 3 años
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