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  • Anime NPC first purchase!

    This was a couple of months ago, so things may have changed since then. Regardless I will share my experience!

    I noticed there were a lot of negative reviews about Anime NPC, even at the time I ordered. Mostly mentioning bad customer service being the main issue.

    I was a little hesitant to place the order at first, but went ahead anyways since PayPal got my back lmao.

    Ordered ITEM#/597971

    Processing time took a while, it was like a strangely lengthy period of time...I remember sending emails and talking to live-chat which, they did respond to me at first. But then proceeded to ignore my messages completely for some reason? All I was asking about was shipping and having ZERO updates on whats happening. Thankfully, after a while they finally shipped out the figure.

    The shipping took a long time, but that's because I chose the cheapest option.

    The figure arrived flawless and was packed very well, it was indeed brand new as stated. I really had low expectations, I was shocked.

    It wasn't a scam in my experience.
    Though, They have bad processing times and bad customer service it seems. I would probably order from here if it's your last option, but the products in my experience were authentic and perfectly fine and trustworthy. Just use PayPal and you'll be good.
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  • No Response...

    I've preordered a figurine back in October that will be releasing in December 2019. I got zero updates on when the item will be a ship or any form of update from their site after multiple emails sent out. I will be processing a refund by the end of the month if I hear nothing...
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  • Do NOT shop at this store

    I can’t attest to their services prior to my purchase, but whatever they used to be, they are horrible now. They are not located in the US (what is says on MFC), which isn’t a problem by itself, because most of the stores I order from are in Japan. Apparently there is some political conflict going on in Hong Kong, which is further adding to their problems. I ordered a figure from them on December 31,2019, and it took two days just to get an order notification. I sent them a message on their chat feature, but got no response, even though it says “we reply immediately”. After a day, I emailed a product question. There was still no response after two days. I decided to try again. After 9 days, still no response and no shipment. I went to MFC to see what others were saying, and if you read the message threads, you will see that others have had my exact same issue. There is zero customer service. I wondered if the store was still in operation. I sent one final email before filing a dispute with PayPal. Less than 24 hours later, I got an email from AnimeNPC with a full refund, stating that both of my items had been out of stock. They clearly were ignoring my emails. They do not keep up with their stock, so if you order there is no way to know if it’s actually available. Most importantly, their customer service is horrible. If I had not filed a dispute with PayPal, I would have never gotten a response or my figure, and they would have kept my money. This store should not be on the “approved stores” list for MFC.
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  • Cancelled order to increase price

    Found a good deal on this site, placed order and got cancelled after an hour, price of that figure increased by 30%. Whole time didn’t get any explanation. Disgusting. Never using this site again.
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  • Not so great experience with animenpc

    So those that tried preordering the Gogeta SH figure arts know that it was a pain in the ass to even find the place that actually had stock to sell. It was so bad that AmiAmi had gogeta and Broly limited to 1 per customer. Eventually I found that AnimeNPC had it available for preorder and I made an account put my deposit and got confirmation. The figure wasnt coming out til April so I just sat back and waited for the month to go by. Around March and April I stopped receiving promotional emails from AnimeNPC and when April came around I knew that I would have to finish paying off the balance. I attempted to log into my account but I kept getting an Error. I thought it was my password so I tried resetting it and a message came up saying that this email isnt registered in our system. Turns out Anime NPC deleted my account and ran away with the money without telling me that they didn't have enough stock to fulfill every order. I contacted them with a copy of the receipt and proof that I've made an account and they responded with an apology saying that due to popular demand they sold out before all the preorders went through, but they had the Hong Kong international ver of the figure coming in June and if I would just like to move my deposit to that and wait. Supposedly the Hong Kong ver isnt a bootleg, but what do I know. Also they restored my account without any explanation as to why it was erased, but instead of having my username, it was just a number.The beginning of June came around and they emailed me requesting the remaining balance,and I did on Jun10 as of yesterday I contacted them wondering where my stuff was and why ita taking so long to ship. Turns out they ran out of stock again and didnt even bother reaching out to me about it asking what I wanted to do, whether I wanted to get my money back or what. I did get a partial refund as of this morning, but I do think that its BS that they wouldnt even let me know that they ran out before I even placed my order. I'm not saying not to order from AnimeNPC because I am sure people have had good experiences with them.
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