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  • Near flawless experience.

    Doesn't have the widest range of stock, but does have massive 20% site-wide sales which enables pretty insane deals. I even got a brand new William Zeppeli figure for less than it retails in Japan on any site pre-shipping! Unfortunately it was only packed in a box with packing paper although the items were in perfect condition.
    hace 1 año
  • Great store, happy to use again.

    This is the best I've found for UK based buyers; the pricing is excellent and the shipping is extremely fair, both items I've ordered from them have been well packaged. Does require pre-orders to be paid up front.
    hace 2 años
  • Good Variety and Prices

    Good variety of items at great prices. I've ordered many times now from AnimUK and I've always had a pleasant experience. The only improvement I'd like to see is for faster shipping. But still my favourite place for purchasing anime items within the UK, and I'll definitely be ordering again soon.
    hace 2 años
  • An alright company, lots of sales

    AnimUK is a pretty good local UK website, but mainly for keychains and other non-figure merchandise. They often have sales on items so that's nice, but their packing for stuff like posters is a bit poor and mine arrived kinda crushed.
    hace 2 años
  • 4 reviews
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