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5★ - Amazing Store
Ordered a pre-owned figure and it was shipped out extremely quickly. It did come with a bit of damage that wasn’t disclosed (maybe due to shipping) however I was quickly given a partial refund. Reaching out to support was quick & easy.
Thank you <3
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5★ - Great US based shop
Recently bought two figures from these guys and everything was great! well packaged, fast shipping and reasonable pricing. would definitely recommend.
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I have never purchased from 'Akiba Soul' so I went right to Google and searched for some reviews. The first thing I noticed was how almost any comment (on almost any platform), regarding questions or concerns about the company, was answered by them. There was practically always a response and many times it seemed to be from the owner directly. I did see a few issues about Pre-Orders but again, those comments were almost always addressed/responded to, and of course… RARELY was there a follow-up from the person so I am not sure about the resolution there... Personally, this type of accountability and care impressed me quite a bit. I've purchased from virtually every retailer that this forum tends to feature so prominently. And I have yet to see that level of concern or effort put in by most of those businesses. Especially from customer service which seems rude and inefficient at times. I decided to give Akiba Soul a shot and let me tell you... I was blown away by the service. The transaction was as smooth as it can be buying online. The item was shipped lightning fast and fortified for The Gods! The description of the item was spot on! From what I experienced in terms of buying something in-stock/pre-owned, I was very taken aback at the caliber of service/detail. Everything went so well that I think I would try my hand at pre-ordering. I purchased my item on a Saturday night and the figure arrived Weds next week! Again, very impressed and I will be buying more from Akiba Soul in the future. My only complaint, if it is considered one, is the item selection/variety isn't as diverse as some... But it's a personal gripe as it's probably more along the lines of what I'm personally interested in. I barely write online testimonials but I just could not get over how impressed I was with my transaction. So all-in-all, give them a try for your pre-owned/in-stock pick-ups! If you are still not convinced I’d say write them and tell them all your questions or concerns. I have no doubt they will respond from what I’ve seen online. I want to say thanks to Akiba Soul for restoring faith in me that there are still great retailers out there who CARE about collectors/business transactions!
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AkibaSoul_US Keeper of Grails
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! It really means a lot since we're a really small shop. We are figure collectors ourselves so we care about how we pack figures and answer questions whenever possible.

In regards to pre-orders, it's definitely a tough one that every single store in the US has been dealing with since every store in the US has to go through the same distributor. That distributor is still grappling with supply chain delays but hoping things we be alleviated since I hear they may be expanded their warehouse to be able to receive and process more orders quicker.

Thanks again for giving us a shot and leaving such a heartfelt review!
5★ - Solid
Love the flat-rate shipping and used figure selection. Great prices and solid packaging
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5★ - My new favorite US shop
I've now bought several items from them, and they are becoming my new favorite US store. Good selection of pre-owned figures - not as vast of course as AmiAmi, Mandarake, or Jungle, but they have a decent selection. Prices on pre-owned items are extremely reasonable, and they offer flat rate shipping. In-stock orders usually ship within 2 days.

Over the years, I've seen US shops come and go, but buying pre-owned items from them has inspired enough confidence that I might go to them for some preorders in the near future.
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