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if you need me i'll be lost in kabuto's backstory
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''A genius who had everything would never understand... I just want to become myself.''-Kabuto Yakushi

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hey i’m matt.
| i heavily prioritize collecting for Yakushi Kabuto, Mello, and Amami Rantaro |
| generally i enjoy buying death note merchandise with focus on the wammy boys |
| despite the explosion of naruto all over my profile, my favourite series is actually death note, the literary masterpiece |
| the wammy boys will forever be a group of characters that i constantly look up content and merchandise for |
| i love the akatsuki and collect a lot of their merch (mostly deidara's) |
| the sound four are criminally haha underrated but i adore all of them tayuya pls step on me |
| i love vocaloid n luka is my favourite with yohio and gumi as close seconds. |

other series that i'm into but don't collect as strongly for: View spoilerHide spoiler- kuroshitsuji (especially the 2nd season because that's where alois is at :''')
- dragonball z+super (goku black and zamasu's arc broooo)
- ansatsu kyoushitsu (nagisa and karma scales when)
- citrus (need. matsuri. merch.)

Let's be friends!
IG (figures/merch): @yakushining
IG (art): @kadeisen
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‖ Hannah Annafellows ‖ Luka Megurine
‖ Matsuri Mizusawa ‖ Naomi Misora ‖

Alois Trancy ‖ Deidara ‖
Kabuto YakushiMello
‖ Rantaro Amami ‖

http://pa1.narvii.com/7086/145cfdaf1717880230357a57dec947a87b37e24cr1-500-318_00.gifquick reminder that i love this loser
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a small part of my kabuto collection ^^








barbie diva of despair!
Hey, sorry to bother. I was editing some of the Danganronpa items to their correct origin, when you get the time would it be possible for you to change all the items in ENTRY #235282 origin to ENTRY #236178

Thank you!
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No problem! I’m glad that you appreciate it.
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thank you!!! and thanks for the Mami! she's been missing from my collection for so long :') Rin is a big fav of mine hehe
Hace 3 meses
Great price, great communication, great collection! Figure came in great shape. I recommend this seller!
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I'm 100% going to cry when she gets here. Really hope the bunny also comes home so I can display them together.
I know she looks so cute but is a little too expensive for me right now.
I would die for that celestia figure. I wish she wasnt so hard to find for an affordable price. Toko is my favorite. I also like Kyoko, Mikan Peko ibuki and of course celestia. I hope the others get figures because they would for sure be adorable. I like the idea of having affordable Danganronpa options.
Hace 3 meses
I think she looks way more adorable compared to the other shiro Pup. Personally my favorite no game no life girl is jibril and I hope she gets a Pup too! The anime for nekopara was pure and cute I adore it. My most wanted figure is now that Taiga. She looks so good. I was just saying how badly I wanted her to get a 1/4 freeing figure so I am shook. I like the other bunnys for her too but thats just because I adore taiga. I was lucky enough to order her wedding dress figure and I am just way too hyped for it.
Sonico looks great, but I saw the seam line too not that its a deal breaker one of the C2's I have on preorder has visable seams but you are right thats a really high price point. If I can swing it I would preorder her but I think I am with you on waiting to see. I really want to see protypes of the other Danganronpa Pups. I like junko but she isn't my favorite Syo was always my best baby. holding hope that some of the others may get figures :)
Hace 3 meses
life is really unfair. Need more death note universe in my life.
I am pretty lucky. I feel like I am undeserving of just how kind he is to me. I can't wait to show off how she looks when I finally have her in hand and get her painted. :)
I am so excited for the Pup of the nekopara girls and shiro. I also really love the 2 sonicos I saw. I need to add the 1/4 freeing taiga and kurumi to my collection too! I would say they are the things I am most hyped up about. I think you should get her. Worst case you aren't totally in love with her and you can find her a new home.
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I just want a spin off where its soichiro yagami solving crime before kira. He is the man. I like light he's a very good antihero but I agree his actions are unforgivable. His family, Misa and the task force deserved better. I liked light so much better when he wasn't a death note user.
I do actually its another sailor moon one also in my preorders. its the meme bust. I'd like to paint miia from monster musume and maybe some nekopara kits too. E2046 has a lot of kit options. You're so nice! I hope to get the room completely set up the way I like. I am so thankful my boyfriend has been supportive of my vision for my cute anime collection room. I really hope to inspire more people to make cute collection rooms. I think they are so cool. I still have so many items I need to purchase to really bring the room together. It has been so much work.
Hace 3 meses
Light is trash. I really don't get peoples thirst for him. Mr. Yagami is where its at. My man holding a job and taking care of his family while trying to catch Kira. That moment always makes me mad. Misa is a queen.
they are difficult sadly I don't have an airbrush so mine aren't nearly as beautiful as others. I hope to only get better. The only one I've painted is the one I have on my page. It looks pretty good for being my first one. Those are some beautiful kits. I'd offer to commission but I'm not super experienced. I hope I can make sonico look as perfect as she is. Thank you! I realized I'm already following you. lol :)
Hace 4 meses
Oh Gosh that makes me so happy! That sucks that you missed out on her. Misa Misa is for sure the OG waifu. Light never deserved her. Oh so funny story about the Pisces Sonico my boyfriend actually got me started painting kits so miss Sonico actually going to be hand painted by me. Sadly the pre-painted one is like you said so hard to find. I am actually a Pisces so my boyfriend quickly ordered her for me to work on. Thank you! If you ever want to see my pictures of them I post on Instagram pretty often. I just got my Libra Sonico and I am so happy to have her. Also yes!! She is so tan and perfect! I hope I can order her. I really hope I see her pre order go up soon. Have you Painted kits before? I am trying to find more to work on so I can get better. I really want the China dress sonico. Her hair is just way too cute! :)
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Import from Japan

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Favs: Death Note, DBZ/DBS, Kuroshitsuji, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Naruto
Favs: Death Note, Haganai
DR/SDR/UDG/V3, Pokemon, Ultimate Ninja Storm, Project Diva, DN: Poisoned
Puntos MOE
smug attitude, intelligent w/ dumbass tendencies, TL:DR basically kabuto, mello, alois, tayuya, and dei
Favs: Mayday Parade, Breaking Benjamin, Ice Nine Kills, Famous Last Words, Melanie Martinez, VOCALOID





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https://i.ibb.co/9nT7Rdm/IMG-20210731-172619.jpg Naruto Shippuden - Yakushi Kabuto - 1/7 (HMB Studio)
https://i.ibb.co/LScpZSf/IMG-20210731-172253.jpg Naruto Shippuden - Deidara - 1/7 (Model Palace)
https://i.ibb.co/QkB4q3X/IMG-20210731-173427.jpg Naruto Shippuden - Konan- 1/7 (Zuoban Studio)

https://i.ibb.co/ZK2zbqT/IMG-20210731-173604.jpg Dragon Ball Super - Goku Black- 1/6 (BY Studio)

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