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24Y/o guy who spends too much money on anime.

If you see a figure that you're interested in buying, feel free to message me, I'll listen to offers.


Awesome seller and super friendly as well!
Everything was smooth and I got received the figure a few days ago.
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Hey, no problem! I think they don't tend to stock figures from most Chinese manufacturers since they are usually made and sold exclusively in China, but they do stock figures from manufacturers that are well known and produce high quality figures. This includes Myethos, Hobbymax, Actoys/Emontoys, etc (though Actoys sometimes sells in China only as well).

If you want to keep track of them I suggest keeping an eye on MyAnimeShelf and also joining these clubs here on MFC.
CLUB #1507
CLUB #1528
CLUB #1729
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Sorry for not replying you sooner. The skin on her body is a bit (just a tiny bit) different to her face. I can see a tiny bit difference between her chest and arms, but not as much as that pic though. Going to upload a few pictures.
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vDanskihace 3 años#21431007Hi, would you mind telling me where you found the glass steps that you use? Like in this picture picture/1675629... (what Yui, Mio & Mugi are standing on)?

I bought them on Otakumode. It's labeled as one two-tier platform but you can use it as two separate risers
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Welcome to the board vDanski! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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Importing games,toys, and more from Japan since 2002!

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