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My favourite game as a kid was Super Mario 64, played it to no end, however, times have moved on and it's really not as impressive as it was during it's release, being beaten by several other 3D plattformers in its era such as Banjo Kazooie and Rayman 2 which i played way later, it's still a good game but some things are better left in the past.

Im playing FFVII on PS1 since i absolutely hate buying digital stuff, being a collector who prefers everything physically. The gameplay so far is rather meh, the characters and story ok, the soundtrack is awesome(which is the only aspect that has aged well as far as i can see), overall it's pretty aged and has seen it's better days, will have to wait and see how it turns out before making more judgement.

Overall i persume it's PS4 remake will fix a lot of it's issues such as no ATB and more fluid gameplay.

Yes i have played FFX(why else would i compare it with Grandia II?), i have played through FF I-VI, X(also played X-2 which was a shit game), XII and XIII, currently planning to finish XI as it will be my last subscription online, in other words, i have played all but the PS1 games, XIV and XV which i also plan to absorb soon enough.

What can i say? My journey through media is a long one. Even if i find the FF series the least impressive RPG series i have played i choose to investigate them out of curiosity.

Good, good, so now you understand better what makes MGS2 such a show-turner? It's avant-garde and ambitious writing from a genius who basically predicted the near future is not to be taken lightly, i doubt there is a better story in any game to be found tbh.

So then i persume you have taken a liking to No Game No Life?

I honestly doubt they will make any FF or DQ Nendos or Figmas, they already have plenty of other figs and Square made PAs themselves. Licensing would be an issue also.

I've been in thought about getting one or two Jojo figs actually, either Joseph, Joutarou or Joesuke would be nice.

Ah yes Yu yu Hakusho, one of few long going shounens i haven't seen yet, same author as HxH(which i persume you have watched since you got several figs of them).

I would(other than Grandia 1 ofc) also recommend you the Tales series as they feature a nice blend of storytelling and action role-playing, in particular Abyss and Symphonia which are the peak of the series. Generally if you want a genuinely convincing storytelling i suggest you check out Abyss and TWEWY(Squares best game no doubt).
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Best Goods from Japan

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