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Hello guys!welcome to my profile,i am soniachan288 :D
i am a toycollector (nendoroid,pvc...) ,photographer and set designer(?)
(um... maybe set designer is not a good name,because i like to make a miniature diorama for nendoroid and pvc XD)
i like anime are too much , but such as "KILL la KILL","kabaneri of the iron fortress" ,"kakegurui"(gambling school) and "karakuri circus" is my fav list ^^
i always take a shoot with nendoroid character is "matoi ryuko","mako mankanshoku" and "mumei",but the others i like it too, but i don't have a great idea XD

i will take a best ,to be a top artist^^

if guys you are interest to follow me,check out my other social media and let's be friends! ~

FACEBOOK:soniachan288 studio
instagram :soniachan2888


AlderberanBoyHace 3 meses#77677981Happy Birthday :)ChocolateSpiderHace 3 meses#77675339Happy birthday! :DeverydaysixHace 3 meses#77675328Happy birthday!

thank you all :D
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Happy Birthday :)
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Happy birthday! :D
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Happy birthday!
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CelestrialHace 8 meses#70854210Hello Hello!!
Thanks so much for adding me :3

hello my new friend :D
no problem ~
nice to meet you :D
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Rycat220 #1 BRS Fan
Hello Hello!!
Thanks so much for adding me :3
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ChocolateSpiderhace 2 años#31200284Oh goodie! A new friend! :D
hello XD
i just have a account in deviant art (soniachan288)
It is same person!XD
but in here i do not awlays put my work~
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Oh goodie! A new friend! :D
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Welcome to the board soniachan288! :)

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