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gee i hope i have money for fogs again


Happy Birthday!!
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brucesolmiano No Caffeine No Life.
Happy Birthday!! *-*
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happy bithday!!! hope you get some cute figures!!!
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If you like Hetalia I'm sure you will like to participate of this forum.
There you can speak in Portuguese or English. It is really new and we are trying to recrut many Hetalia fans and I hope you can join in our forum! :3

Please, we created this forum in Feb 4th, so don't expect so many people there. That's why we are doing our
best to recrute more people! Please, consider us and make an account and join us :D
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rabbitpsychologyI always thought my 8GB was more than enough until I discovered beatmania soundtracks and Exit Trance. And oh god, when I first found out about Touhou music... that just didn't help.

There are no videos on my iPod now just so that I can conserve space for music. I used to just have random little fan made videos that I found off of Youtube like smooooch. And that one time I had one Gurren Lagann episode on it.

O-Life is pretty amazing! They did such a sick arrange of Nuclear Fusion and I've loved them since then. Eastnewsound and Kitsune's Workshop are two of my favorite circles as well. Some of my other favorite circles are ALiCE'S EMOTiON, Demetori, Pizuya's Cell, Cis-Trance, MyonMyon, CROW'SCLAW, SOUND HOLIC, Buta-Otome, Sound Infinity, and UI-70.

I think I have at least one track by each of those groups! :D I actually haven't listened to any new Touhou arranges for a while, so I just downloaded some of the latest albums by my favorite groups. Trying to get into the Touhou spirit again for the new game coming out, I guess. ^^
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rabbitpsychologyThank you!

I get a cold chill whenever Reitaisai or Comiket happens, because I know a massive iPod cleaning has to happen for all the incoming music. My 8gb iPod can't take it anymore, haha...

I see, yeah a 8gb won't take you too far... My first Ipod was 4gb, and I wasn't a huge music person then so I thought I'd never fill it up. But then I found artists I liked, and then Touhou came along... I needed an upgrade pretty badly. I have a 120gb video ipod now, and since I never watch movies on it (I don't understand why anyone would...) there's lots of room for music. :)

Are there any particular doujin artists you like? I think O-Life Japan is my favorite overall, but I also like Kitsune's Workshop and Eastnewsound.
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Lol, I love your avatar! And yeah, I had to get a new ipod myself because Touhou music, uh, "inflated" the size of my music collection somewhat...
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Happy birthday!
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Congratulations ^^. Enjoy this day
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Happy Birthday! ^^
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