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I'm starting to have too many figures and it sucks that they are starting to go into storage, so if there is something I have that you are really after, send me a PM and I will surely consider it.



I took a gander into your blog, you have pretty nice shots of the recent Celia Cumani Aintree figure. Shame it doesn't warrant me enough to get her now.

Also couldn't help notice that you're into GKs. If you're into painting them occasionally, you should invest into an Airbrush kit. It'll do wonders when you see your painting results. You could start with a cheaper model and experiment. :)

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psyhace 7 años#1375686skele your inbox is full!
Sorry about that! I cleaned it out a bit so it should be good now.
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Happy birthday :)
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Hello! Thanks for accepting the friend request. You've got a nice collection and your website is great.
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I have some questions about the Branwen figure you have for sale. xD
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psyhace 8 años#1092573Hey Joz, welcome to MFC fellow sydneysider :3

Thanks psy! Glad to be here. Looks like we have some commonalities in our collections :)

Just checked out [url=www.figure-psy....]your website[/url too. I'll start following it :)

That Nishieda’s Cover Girl prototype just blew my mind!

Are you on Flickr? Feel free to add me there if you are :)

Catch you around.
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psyhace 8 años#1068677hey there, welcome to MFC :)

Nichijou is definitely one of the more recent shows that I thoroughly enjoyed, as you might have gathered, Hakase and Sakamoto are my favourite characters :3

Oh, that's nice! I love Nichijou too. I see, I love them too! ^-^
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Hey, are you Nichijou-fan too?! ^-^ Looooovely collection!!!
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You're inbox is full. So I'll just copy/paste my message here: Good stuff. Just get back to me when you can with a price and let me know what kinda condition she's in and we can go from there. Sound good? I'm not so sure how much shipping is from Australia, but we can work that out later I suppose.
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You mentioned in a pretty old post that you had put some figures into storage and that if anyone was interested in buying one of them to let you know. Well, I'd like to know if you're still willing to sale this figure? ITEM #292

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