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Been into anime off and on since childhood, re-entered my weeb phase as a young adult, and haven't left since.

More recently, I've ventured into donghua and webnovels, starting with Mo Dao Zu Shi; my current favourite webnovel is Tian Guan Ci Fu. I always welcome donghua and webnovel recommendations, especially BL and GL.

My figure-collecting journey began with preordering ITEM #908864 in January 2020. I then proceeded to buy more Nendoroids – and my first and only scale – while I waited. It really is hard to stop once you get started!

In collecting, I like to balance aesthetics with how important the origin is to me. I see figures as pieces of art – and home decor – so fitting a certain 'look' is something I consider, as well as being from a work that I enjoy. I am particularly fond of traditional Asian clothing and mythology. Beyond that, I tend to buy based on how cute and/or pretty I think it is.

I also collect gachapon and enamel pins.


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