• omg yeah ive heard that!! last time I caught up I think was when the whole twin reveal happened? so a while ago HAHA might just have to reread the whole thing... >:) and thank u so much!! ♡
    Hace 2 meses
    THANK UU hibikiheads stay together
    Hace 2 meses
    TY FOR THE FR!! omg ur ciel collection is coming along so nicely.. what a blast from the past I haven’t thought abt kuroshitsuji in years I def need to catch up on the manga >:)
    Hace 2 meses
    i wasn’t expecting a happy birthday message on here at all but thank you so much regardless?!
    Hace 2 meses
    Happy bday!! \o/
    Hace 6 meses
    tysm!! <3
    Hace 10 meses
    np!! i love ur collection (´∀`)♡
    hace 2 años
    Thanks for the friend request! Your collection is super cute! I love all the Nico!
    hace 2 años
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