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My policy is "NO REGRETS."


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is your IA still available? and how much
hace 1 año
Happy Birthday!
hace 1 año
omgusosilly (hace 2 años) #5069343Hi! I'm staring at these at work and remembered you made a post about them. Here you go! I hope you get to order a pair this time. :) www.heart-up.co...

Hello! Thank you so much for remembering, that's incredibly kind of you! As much as I'd love to order a pair I went a bit crazy with figures in November so I'm trying to refrain from ordering anything new D: I still really appreciate the thought though, thank you again(:
hace 2 años
Dunno why the blog was deleted, but just came to inform you that my order changed from "Pre-Ordered" to "Ordered" and the "Back-ordered" status has been removed. Although they never sent a reply, but then again it was only a few hours ago I sent it.
hace 2 años
Happy birthday to you! Friend on myfigurecollection.
hace 2 años
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
hace 2 años
omgusosilly (hace 2 años) #2858428You just made my day. HOW DO I REPAY YOU IN KIND?!
No need! Glad to help a fellow SAO collector! ^o^
hace 2 años

Because I saw you want it.
hace 2 años
omgusosilly (hace 2 años) #2705860I think I might just live vicariously through you with SAO figmas. Hahahaha DID YOU SEE THE ASUNA UNDINE PRIZE FIGURE OUT FOR TAITO?! ITEM #249941 I regret not preordering it on AmiAmi. UGGH. I guess I'll wait for Mandarake.
YAY! Congrats congrats! Good luck. Move up that ladder quick so you can buy even more figures! xD
Gosh. Customs sound terribly complicated. I can barely use the postal service as it is here. T__T I'm rather challenged in that department.
I think I have scaled figures coming in almost every month for the next 6 months (assuming there are no further delays). Scary. o__o I should get the Asuna+Yui figure by the end of this month though! !! !!@#! *wheeze* Too excited. I look forward to seeing your May loot blog! ;D

They are so pretty! Don't struggle against it! One day... You'll wake up and find out you ordered them all!
Yeah she'll hit manda one day xp

Signed the contract yesterday, tuesday will be my first day... I'm a little bit nervous xp

Yeah they're horrible... But not complicated. You pay 13/17.50 (depends on whether you used sal or ems)+ 21% of parcel value&shipping fee. You pay with cash at the door or you pay by card but then you have to go to a closeby service point.

I have so many nendos and figmas in PO! Soon I'll get 2 of my wishlist figures (as somewhat of a "yay-i-got-a-job" present), kuroneko 1/8 and madokami 1/10! I can't wait :D

The loot blog will be awesome!
hace 2 años
omgusosilly (hace 2 años) #2704013Are you planning on getting the figmas? I'm struggling really hard against the idea of getting any figmas since that'd open up another option for me to spend money. T___T I must resist!
OHHH. I hope you get the job. :) How exciting! Congrats in advance if you do!
Gosh yeah. I thankfully don't have to deal with customs, but the idea of POing a wall scroll and paying extra to get it shipped to the U.S. is just not okay with me. I'm used to spending maybe $25 USD tops on a wall scroll. I really hope U.S. retailers ordered her in time for conventions this year.
ahhhhhhhh. Okay. It's on my growing backlog. T__T I bought a madoka wall scroll and giant madoka mug (I'm pretty sure I can eat a bowl of cereal out of it) at a convention last year. Funny how I'm buying all this merchandise when I've never seen it..
YES! No regrets! I can see us enabling each other with our purchases already. hahahaha

Yes I am :) I already have the kirito figma, the sinon, asuna and GGO kirito ordered, and the ALO figma's wished :) Don't resist! They're awesome!!! I see you have idol asuna and asuna+yui ordered, so envious TAT

Basically, I already have the job, right now we just have to decide what times I'm going to work at, some info, some basic training and signing the contract :)

Customs are horrible, but I started to tolerate them a bit xp I make them a little less by hosting group orders so that we can share the custom fees and such for stuff like snow miku and sakura miku (so basically store exclusives). I used to undervalue, but it being illegal kind of scares me so I just try to order more at once instead of many little parcels so that the handling fee doesn't get charged for every item :) Makes it hurt a little less (nothing worse than paying like 5 euro taxes, which is what customs are for, and 13 handling because they can because there's not other postal service...)

Whahahaha, probably means you like the design :) I really love madoka and homura as characters. They both grow a lot, especially towards the end! Make sure to watch it as it really has an amazing story with some interesting twists :) (maybe I'm biased, but really, I wouldn't be so biased if it were a bad anime right?)
Growing backlogs... Sounds so familiar... Ouch

Whahahaha, yeah! My may order is an order from hell (at least for me). It has 2 nendos, a figma and a scale, which means around 200 euros (because EMS and customs are bitches... both of them) and that's a lot... I already paid for the figma, so my total is around 170 but that's still a lot..... Oh well xp Now that I'm going to do this new job, I'll have way more money, so it shouldn't be a huge problem to pay for that order. I already saved up enough but I probably won't have to use that money because of the job, so I'm going to buy a cute kuroneko scale soon :D
hace 2 años
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