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I love Gintama and Saiyuki ^^

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Update 2019: rarely active anywhere :P


Nice to meet you!


nikicornyhace 4 años#6543202The bear? It was given out for free in Nendoroid 10th anniversary booth in wonfes :)

Oh, you went to Wonfes? That's awesome :-). I guess I can only get it on auction or Manda, then...
hace 4 años
Hey, I saw that you own the Nendoroid More parts case. How did you get one? I would like to know, since I really want one.
hace 4 años
poto nya keren2 bgt dah sis
hace 4 años
So I noticed that you own nendoroid Clear. What does he look like?
hace 4 años
nikicornyhace 5 años#2708943Thanks for the add ^^ sama2 bro :)
hace 5 años
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
hace 5 años
LunaNana Cat Mom
Happy Early Birthday! Just wanted to say it now in case I don't log on tomorrow haha
hace 5 años
nikicornyhace 6 años#2234739Right now I'm just pretty much trying to buy everything I like XD How about you?

I am so sorry for the late reply! >.<
And my goal is to collect all of the cute nendoroids that I like, all of the Attack on Titan figures, and all of the POP's figures xD It's going to take forever to accomplish my goals lol
What is your favorite anime? :)
hace 6 años
nikicornyhace 6 años#2203334No problem ^^ I started collecting a couple of years ago to try doing toys photography with nendoroids and ended up hooked with all kinds of figure ^^;
Nice to meet you :D

Oh I see ^^ And I started figure collecting about 3 months ago when I saw a room tour on YouTube. Thats when I discovered anime figures, so I asked some people on YouTube about figure collecting and they gave me websites where I can buy authentic figures. But I loved anime since I was 8 :) And it's a pleasure to meet you too! ^//^ Do you have any goals for figure collecting?
hace 6 años
Hi ^//^ Thank you for accepting my FR! :) I hope we can talk about figures/anime! So what got you into figure collecting?
hace 6 años
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