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I’ve been a fan of anime, manga&vocaloid for a long time and recently started collecting BJDs. I also really like the japanese fashion mori kei.

My favourite anime are clannad, kaichou wa maid-sama, kuragehime, death parade, psycho-pass, shiki, magi, hunter x hunter, mawaru penguindrum, and more.

My favourite mangas are adekan, zone-00, komatta toki ni wa hoshi ni kike, hirunaka no ryuusei, penguin kakumei, junjou romantica, seven days, super lovers, doukyuusei, 19 days, litchi hikari club, acid town and more.

My favourite films are ookami kodomo, colorful, hotarubi no mori e, toki wo kakeru shoujo, yobi the five tailed fox, bishonen and sakasama no patema.

I also love the game touken ranbu (^:

Figures I'd like to try making:
» Judal/Aladdin/Kouha Ren - Magi
» Yukihime - Hakkenden
» Ushio&Nagisa - Clannad
» Shiro - Adekan
» Rin - Usagi drop
» Piko - Vocaloid
» Killua - Hunter x Hunter
» Kaworu - Evangelion

» Benten 1/7: (0/1)
» Shinkai Shoujo 1/8: (0/1)
» Ame to Yuki 1/8: (0/1)
» Junjou Romantica petit set: (3/3)
» Snow Miku nendoroid 2013-2015 set: (1/3)
» POP wonderland series: (1/4)
» Shiozaki Haruno 1/12: (1/1)
» Mikumo series: (1/3)
» Black Rock Shooter 1/8 set: (0/7)
» Black Rock Shooter nendoroid set: (2/6)

Art links:
INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.c...
TWITTER: twitter.com/lei...



Animaster888 Figurinefashion on etsy
Hey, ur inbox is full. Do u still want a Sakura miku prize from taito?
Hace 5 meses
Hi! Your inbox is full so I can't reply to your message there!

Sure, I am willing to lower the price a bit since the shipping is so expensive! Please give me an offer and we can discuss from there :)
Hace 9 meses
naftiehace 3 años#24240253koiiIII nO pls u are the vinegar to my chips dont do this
hace 3 años
naftiehace 3 años#24240226here i am replying i like lots of vocaloids and lots of producers we have probably talked about it by now there pls forgive me i love u lots XXXXXX
Yeah and who tf are you again I don't recall
hace 3 años
Well I managed to get on discord at work so I'm on the new server :3
hace 3 años
Happy Birthday to you :)
hace 3 años
Happy birthday!! I hope you have a great time and get a lot of goodies!

Oh my! I see you have Native's Aoba ordered XoX! In my country, you would have to keep that boy boxed for another year, young lady! xD
hace 3 años
Yuinna Mayor of Titty City
Happy birthday! <:
hace 3 años
!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY~ May your day be filled with fun and joy and you get all the figures you want ^^
hace 3 años
neL on ice
naftiehace 3 años#16651542<3 dw I know who u are son
new phone who dis
hace 3 años
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vocaloid, city and colour, touche amore, 7 birches, tigers jaw, the front bottoms, girls dead monster, pellek, varsity, twin cabins


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