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~* Shameless idol trash *~

Moonstar, Female/23/Nurse/Bisexual, /Yuri Fangirl/Longtime Slave of Idol Hell

I'm relatively new to collecting figures, over the past year I've bought a few prize figures, but now I've started collecting scales!

ITEM #236268 was my first scale, I got him December 2015. But I didn't start collecting more scales until ITEM #317824 came out.

I plan to get more idol figures, as well as more figures from the other animes I love!

I've been playing Love Live School Idol Festival for 2 years, and Idolmaster CG Starlight Stage for 4 months. My friend IDs (if you want to send a friend request):
SIF EN - 483430315 (center is idolized Valentine's Maki)
SIF JP - 680363363 (center is idolized Ninja Pana)
Deresute - 651190088 (center is initial Anzu)

Besides idols, I'm also a huge yuri fangirl. I'll read/watch pretty much anything with yuri. I also collect doujinshi (I have over 50 doujinshi, the majority of them yuri), and yuri visual novels. I also like yaoi, though. I collect yaoi on a lesser scale. My #1 favorite manga (and anime) is Kuroshitsuji, which reflects that. I've been following it for years and Undertaker is probably my favorite character in all of japanese media.

My top ships/OTPs:
Love Live - RinPana, NozoEli
Love Live SS - RubyMaru, ChikaRiko
Cinderella Girls - Ankira, UzuRin, Love Laika, Riina/Natsuki
Madoka Magica - KyouSaya
SonoHana - Mai/Reo

My best girls/waifus:

Maki Nishikino~

Ruby Kurosawa~

Anzu Futaba~

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My longtime husbando:

Feel free to send me a message or friend request~
Kuroshitsuji, Love Live, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, Yami no Matsuei,
Kuroshitsuji, Pandora Hearts, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Franken Fran, Full Moon wo Sagashite
School Idol Festival, Idolmaster CG Starlight Stage, Pokemon series, Kirby series, Sono Hanabira (and other VNs).
Puntos MOE
Pigtails, twintails, red hair, shy girls, gothic and punk lolitas, femdom, tsunderes, yanderes, shinigami.
Metal (especially symphonic metal, power metal, and black metal), rock, and Vocaloid/j-pop.
Samsung Galaxy S8
HP Envy dv4



LeoLeoLeoLeo (hace 24 días) #49595305Hi Moonstar. Your inbox is full. I sent animenpc an email to change the address to yours. I’ll let you know when they respond, send you a screenshot of the new address, and create an invoice for you on PayPal.

Sorry about that, I will open up my inbox a bit. Thank you!
hace 24 días
Hi Moonstar. Your inbox is full. I sent animenpc an email to change the address to yours. I’ll let you know when they respond, send you a screenshot of the new address, and create an invoice for you on PayPal.

hace 24 días
Nice collection!
Hace 2 meses
Happy Birthday :D
Hace 9 meses
Happy birthday friend, may you have a great day.
hace 1 año
moonstarfc (hace 2 años) #16703951View spoilerHide spoilerI really wanted the limited Tokiko SR so I did daily rolls every day, but she didn't come home -_- I wasn't expecting her to get an SR already, guess I had better brace myself for her eventual SSR.
I have to get back into the habit of reading too, I barely even read when I had school, but now I graduated so I guess I have no excuse. Kuroshitsuji is the only manga I keep up with every month.
But during the christmas limited gacha, the loading screens kept getting me excited and then dashing my hopes. Usually there was no loading because of repeat rares, but once I got a new rare....and a new SR BUT IT WASN'T TOKIKO. Haruna why ;_;

Ahhh I'm so sorry about my replies coming so late!!

Well my SSR Eve prediction wasn't right but at least we got an SR with the new Hina SSR!
I'll have to say some of these permanent SSRs have been tempted me lately, especially Yukari's card but I MUST RESIST TO SAVE FOR CINFEST COMING UP REALLY SOON

Yeah I used to read a lot in school when I had a few minutes of free time after I finished work but recently the schoolwork load has just increased and I haven't had time to read at all orz

Yeah maybe I should learn not to clear my cache so often if the gacha loading screens are just gonna let me down because they have to reload old card data ;-;

Recently I feel this Ankira event is going to kill everyone (although not nearly as competitive as Love Letter)
I'm currently sitting at a comfortable 30k-45k range and I wanna keep this up so I don't end up crying because I love Ankira and these two cards so much lol
hace 2 años
moonstarfc (hace 2 años) #16300201View spoilerHide spoilerSo true, I was thinking about picking Ranko with the next special ticket that comes out (I picked Anzu with the first one), but then I got her during Cinfest... I had actually been aiming for limited Rin but hey I'll take this.
I'm actually really excited about some of the more newly added characters getting SSRs, although I think Eve is pretty new to get an SSR (although for christmas...maybe....) I can't wait for when Hiromi, Makino, and Tokiko get theirs down the road.
The Kuroshitsuji manga is so much better than the anime, at least the first two seasons. For the 3rd season they went back and adapted the manga faithfully. But yeah, honestly, I haven't even watched the first 2 seasons except for the first 7 episodes of the first season since they match up to the manga. The manga is definitely worth picking up if you ever have the time.
3 year delay for the game? That's crazy, I've never heard of something being delayed that long :0 hopefully it will be finished soon.

Well maybe not an Eve SSR for Christmas anymore since we got the Christmas SSRs already lol
Omggg a Makino SSR would absolutely kill me. Praying when it's her time I'll have tons of jewels saved up to try for her

Yeah I keep on meaning to pick up the Kuroshitsuji manga but other stuff just catches my eye and I end up pushing it back even more OTL
Now I barely read so it'll take quite a while until my to read list is done lol

Speaking of the DereSute Christmas SSRs, ohhh my god I've been dying for them. I absolutely can't spend any money on them because December is really bad for me but I've been spending all jewels I get
It doesn't help that I recently cleared my cache so every single card loads and I can't judge new cards with loading screens. Sigh...
hace 2 años
moonstarfc (hace 2 años) #16241927Nice, my best girls are Maki, Hanayo, and Honoka...I'm super hyped about Alter Hanayo and Honoka coming out! I see you like nendoroids though, personally I have one nendoroid, but I haven't unboxed her because I'm afraid of all the little pieces getting lost/damaged. I'm sure they're lots of fun to pose though! I wanted a Kirby nendoroid but they've pretty much all sold out everywhere I've looked! Oh well.

These ITEM #317828, ITEM #317825? They look great, especially Honoka's. Alters Nozomi also looks great, but I'd like it more if she was smiling instead of the expression she has. If I were to get a scale figure, I think this one ITEM #285432 would be one of my firsts. And this ITEM #509402 is one of my favorite costumes of hers, so I'd consider it once I see the finished product. But this one ITEM #78595 also looks great.

I prefer nendoroids over scales because they are a lot more fun to play with. The more creative a person is, the more fun nendos can be. I have uploaded some photos onto my page here if you'd like to see. As for the small parts, I put mine into tiny plastic bags, like this PICTURE #1656800. You can find those bags at any dollar store for super cheap.

Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) (otakumode.com/s...) has kirby in stock for $42 USD. Mandarake has 2 (order.mandarake...), but they are rather expensive at 7,000 and 10,000 yen ($63 and $90 USD respectively). The 10k one comes with the max tomato bonus item, but I don't think it's worth the extra $50 dollars.
hace 2 años
moonstarfc (hace 2 años) #16197863View spoilerHide spoilerI actually thought we would have Live Parade next, but it's token instead. I just think they need to fix live party to make it better for new people, I like it, but I got a little stuck on some of the harder missions.
Sorry to hear you've had bad luck :( I understand where you're coming from, I have periods of bad luck in SIF personally. I spent about $300 last year scouting for my dream UR and she never came home.... when that happens I just have to take a step back from scouting for a while.
But on deresute, I decided to not pull for permanent cards because if I really want one, I can get it when the next SSR ticket comes out....I'd rather save for limited SSRs (and I sometimes spend money for limited cards...). Right now I'm having a hard time deciding what to do.....at the end of November, Nana's limited SSR should be coming back (with limited Mika), but I don't know whether I should do a few pulls for her or just save all my jewels for cinfest. Especially since I don't know who the next cinfest SSRs will be.
Okay besides idols, my favorite series is Kuroshitsuji, I've been following the manga for years. They screwed up the first 2 seasons of the anime so I wasn't a big fan of it, but with the 3rd season they redeemed themselves xD I first got into figures because they made one of my favorite character from Kuroshitsuji. I still want to pick up the rest of the figures in that line, I just didn't have enough money at the time. How did you get into figure collecting?

Yeah we've had a lot of token events lately which is bad for me because I SUCK at token events
As a self-proclaimed Horrible Combo-er, the Live Parade goal with the 700 combo actually killed me and I couldn't finish it before the end of the event :')

Yeah, I've decided the same thing about permanents after the Anya War. I figure I could always buy them with the special tickets or they'll show up eventually in an unrelated gacha...
As much as I'll be tempted to spin for Nana and Mika in a couple of weeks, I'm going to save for a little while longer and pray that the CinFest gods will smile down upon me during the holiday season
Oh my god that reminds me: I really hope they have an Eve Santaclaus SSR for Christmas

Ohhh Kuroshitsuji! Yeah, I tried picking up the anime a while back and just didn't get into it. Then my friend told me the anime isn't anywhere near as good as the manga. I really want to pick up the manga and get into the series, but my manga backlog is just so big I can't go and buy any more to read right now

As for me, besides idols I've been really into the Persona series lately. I played Persona 4 Golden like a year ago and loved it, so I'm finally playing Persona 3. It's been less than 2 weeks and my friend says I'm pretty much 50% done with the game lol
But ohhhh my god Persona 5 got pushed back AGAIN. This is like... the 4th time it's gotten delayed. I think it was 2014 to 2015, then 2015 to 2016, then 2016 to Valentine's Day 2017, then Valentine's Day 2017 to April 4 2017. I'm suffering aahhhh
hace 2 años
Stalking Loli hunter
moonstarfc (hace 2 años) #16163772Thank you for accepting :) you have a beautiful collection!!

Thank you! It's not even half as big as a year ago, but it'll get there again!
hace 2 años
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