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Hello! I'm Michi. I've been an anime fan for 20 years and a video game fan for even longer! I used to be a lot more into collecting figures. I have sold a lot of my old collection at anime con swap meets and the like. That said, in the last few years I've gotten into collecting again. Trying to only collect things close to my heart that can fit it one Detolf though. Haha! Most of what I collect is from video games (IDOLM@STER, King of Fighters, Dragon Quest) or 90's anime (Rayearth, Utena, Ranma) but there are definitely quite a few exceptions. :)

Lately I've been building a shrine of sorts to Haruka Amami from THE IDOLM@STER, both figures and keychains/pins for my itabag. If you are selling something of her not in my collection, feel free to PM me~ ;)

More than figures, most of my collecting has to do with slimes from Dragon Quest. I own over 130 plushies, as well as tons of figures, keychains, toys, and other various items. :D I'll occasionally buy other DQ monsters, like golems or mimics, but it's usually slimes. It's just not possible to display the whole thing through this site without adding a ton of new entries. I'm slowly attempting to make a personal website to show it off, though!


i'm a DQ fan too so it would be glad if we could be friends, just sent a request
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Hey I sent you a pm about a figure, can't wait to hear back from you!
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michihace 4 años#8787708Just wanted to say that I really love your avatar. Rika is the best and Phantasy Star IV is my favorite. I recently cosplayed her and like two people knew who I was. 8D

Thank you, I agree Rika is the best! And that's so cool that you cosplayed her, I have wanted to do that too for years but haven't worked up the courage yet lol, I know what you mean about people not recognizing it.
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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
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Happy Birthday! ^^
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Happy birthday and have a nice day! :D
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Happy Birthday! Have a nice day! :D
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Welcome! Is that you cosplaying Jessica in your avatar? Cute!
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Welcome to the Board.
hope you enjoy your stay!
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Welcome to the board michi! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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