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That's not very "Plus Ultra!!" of you
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Welcome to my profile! I spend most of my time adding to the database and participating in the Group Orders club. Any media I have listed as owned is for the Japanese release.
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You can check out my figure photography and collecting related pictures on my Instagram: @lifewithfigures
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We stan Kanade Izuru on this profile

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Gah, sorry about that! I’ll make sure to mark it in my future entries. Also Xiao really is the best but he didn’t come home ToT. The day his banner ended I deadass cried because I didn’t pull pity :^)
Hace 3 meses
Happy Birthday!! I hope you’re doing well! :)
Hace 4 meses
Happy birthday! ^~^
Hace 4 meses
Happy Birthday!! (^▽^)
Hace 4 meses
Heya! Happy Birthday! Hope you'll have a great day!
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
lifewithfiguresHace 6 meses#88769205I definitely will (: And yes, he seems to be pretty heavily involved with Pokemon. He has illustrated many official cards and sleeves. And from what I can tell from his Japanese wiki page, it looks like he did the illustrations for Black and White and character designs for Sun and Moon. Don't worry, as much as I love Pokemon, I'm also pretty out of the fandom haha. I definitely don't keep up with it as much as I used to.

I had no idea! ...Also I'm feeling super bad that fifth gen is my favorite and I didn't know/realize this lol. I'm a fake fan. Glad to see I'm not the only one. I think the last thing I played was X&Y and it really didn't grab me. I'm just anticipating the inevitable (hopefully?!) remakes.
Btw, Aizawa is definitely the best. You've chosen well.
Hace 6 meses
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
lifewithfiguresHace 6 meses#88765352Hello! No, I haven't found the picture yet. I just added them based on the product page. I've been like stalking their Twitter to see if they've posted it, but so far they haven't :c
If they do, please upload it! I'd love to see it. Btw, does this artist do a lot of Pokemon work? Is it official? I'm so...out of the fandom lol.
Hace 6 meses
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Hey! Just noticed you added the artist for ITEM #1101143. Do you happen to know where I can find the pic? So far I've only managed to find her other N illustrations, not the one the fig is based on.
Hace 6 meses
I just did a double take when I saw your name all green and special in the GO club lol. I was hoping you’d get it at some point because you totally deserve it, so yay!

And omg I’m exactly the same right down to the panicking, so no apologies necessary haha. I‘m sorry to hear about your 2019 though, I hope you’re doing better now!
Hace 11 meses
Whoa you’re a VIB now! :o Congrats!!
Hace 11 meses

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