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"It's a bit late, but I'd like to tell you about my experiences as a manga artist. When I was 19, I got lucky, and one of my stories won a contest in a certain shonen manga magazine. That was my debut.
But after that, it was terrible! I kept writing and writing, but all I made was a mountain of rejected stories. I went through several publishers. Ten years passed.
Then, I started Yu-Gi-Oh! in weekly Shonen Jump, and I've been drawing it for seven years. You see, if you don't give up, you'll get there somehow!"

-Kazuki Takahashi, 2004


"Eva is a story of repetition. It is a story where our protagonist faces the same situation many times over and determinedly picks himself back up again. It is a story of the will to move forward, even if only a little."
-Hideaki Anno, 2007


lol hopefully i'll be in the mood to change it back soon!
hope you're doing well
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hi leith, i have never actually heard of otome games, so thank you for bringing that up in my blog post! ^_^
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Welcome to the board leith! :)

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