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Oh...I never really know what to write for these things...

W E L C O M E ! <3

My name is Tyra, I have been collecting anime/manga figures and merchandise for about ten+ years now? I love lolita fashion, drawing, and attending anime conventions! I am always collecting Vocaloid, anything by CLAMP, and Sailormoon merchandise. If you have something on my wishlist or something you think I would like and you are interested in selling at a reasonable price, shoot me a PM! I love making new friends!

(I need monies to move out...) ; A ;

To Heart 2 - Kousaka Tamaki - 1/6 (Kaitendoh AquaPlus)
ITEM #23073
Condition: Like NEW! Box included!
Price: Make offer! I really don't know what to sell this for, I've seen some go for around $125? PM me an offer!

Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny - Sonsaku Hakufu - 1/7 - Black Ver. (Wani)
ITEM #384
Condition: Like NEW! Box included!
Price: $75

Ikki Tousen - Ryomou Shimei - 1/7 - Cerberus Project Pearl Black ver. (Wani)
ITEM #348
Condition: Like NEW! Box included!
Price: $75

Ikki Tousen - Kan'u Unchou - 1/7 - Limited Comic Gum Black ver. (Uart Wani)
ITEM #293
Condition: Like NEW! Box included!
Price: $75

Full set of Ikki Tousen figures for $180!

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - Nagato Yuki - 1/6 - Bunny Girl Ver. White Bunny Ver.
ITEM #80
Condition: Like new, except that her glasses are broken. I got her like that. :*( Box included!

ALL OF MY LOVE HINA FIGURES ARE FOR SALE! None come with the original boxes though except the Skyluv figures.

ALL of my Kingdom Hearts figures are up for sale.
These have never been opened and brand new in the box!

Also might be parting with my Serial Experiments Lain dolls. I have the school uniform and bear versions. They are both in great condition but have no box. I don't know what to sell them for, so give me an offer! They are about ten years old and limited.

I am also selling a LOT of anime/games for all systems. PM me if you have any questions or are interested in making an offer. Thank you so much!

(Prices do not include Paypal fees/Shipping costs)


Hello! I can't respond to your jyushimatsu inquiry because your inbox is full!
hace 3 años
I would like to know if you still have the Lain dolls and if you are still up to sell them. :<
hace 4 años
MrsRococo No Spoilers!
hace 5 años
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
hace 6 años
Do you have the Axel Play Art figure still? If so, would you sell it?
hace 6 años
konapihace 6 años#1788153Your inbox is full but I was wondering if you still had Lily for sale? Thank you!

Thank you so much for your interest! ^^

Oh, yes, she's still up for sale :) I actually didn't know that my inbox could get full orzlll I've cleaned it out a bit, so please feel free to pm me your zip code so that I can give you a shipping quote :)

Thanks for your time ^^
hace 6 años
Hello I was wondering if you still had and are still selling Play Arts Halloween Town Sora
hace 7 años
Hello, I was wondering if you still had Final Form Sora still available? If so, how much are you looking for him? Shipping would be to the USA (97495). Please let me know when you can, thanks~!
hace 7 años
Hi saw that you're selling your stuff umm is the play arts roxas still available?
hace 7 años
Hi there your inbox was full, and I just had a question for you :) I saw you selling some of your Kingdom Hearts figures, and wondered if you would give me some prices with shipping to the UK.

Could you please tell me the prices of:

Final form Sora Kotobikiya

Formation Arts Sora

Formation Arts King mickey.


hace 7 años
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